I'm not the good guy!
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the first time developers made a black male character that actually looks bad ass!

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i'm already use to 32 players online due to kz2. and since this is a ps3 exclusive, i dont have to worry about half of n4g.

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those games got traded in for a reason

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you'll prolly make more money...

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or I'm just too raw/ no condom..

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simple, games these day's aren't inspirational.

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then I have no problem with that. but i'm no multi million dollar company that branches all over the world. If i were gamestop, giving 2% from used games to developers does not sound like a bad idea.

think about it, gamestop rip off gamer by 50%. Whenever anyone buy and trade in game.

whats wrong with giving 2% out of the 50%?

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i dont just jump into shooters based on popularity and hype. I like my games like my girls.
-good to look at
-Must have personality(THIS IS A MUST I DONT CARE HOW SHE LOOKS)
-and a little crazy(if you know what I mean)

I hope this game take my breathe away on all levels.

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was the best shooter ever

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on every used games

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the critical finishers wasn't all that.
adding starwars to the mix was a fail on all plats.

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we should describe how both exclusives differentiate from one another.

for example, I believe that ps3 exclusive focus on blurring the line on gaming and movies, while the 360 exclusive focus on xbl.

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I hope its good

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What I want in kingdom hearts 3 are these keen features.
- fluidity(movie like)
- excellent presentation
- the kingdom hearts gameplay, with some extra goodies.
- a time consuming, jaw dropping experience, and a story you would want to come back to.
- make it multiplat but utilize the blu-ray.

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@ElementX  - what year did haze release?

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we shouldn't move into the next console era until we get the same amount of games like the previous era.

this generation was flooded with shooters.

SO yea I'm a little disappointed with this gen games.

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and this game is perfect

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