I'm not the good guy!
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this game is power!
this game is hope!
this game is love! don't believe me?

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sounds like motion sickness

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I don't know if I can keep playing the same old saga over and over again.

I need something new from dbz

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but I rather see dragonballz continue the story after GT. And I want to be able to create my own fighter.

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At times I feel like USA is over powered the way I used them in the stone age!

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give me mega dragonite

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if linearity is the least of the problem then I agree this may be the best killzone by far!

Also how it sound I kinda see GG is giving us options when playing the story.

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GT5 wasnt all that good of a racing game especially compare to gt4! my main dissappointment was from the events in GT5 and also the dealerships in gt5.

and to compare GT5 to forza5 I think that PD is underestimating turn 10

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but at the same time I hope the linearity is not so noticeable.

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I love playing as the Americans and how they start with a great person! I dow so much damage with americans in the ancient era that I almost become modern in the 15th century on the hardest difficulties.

I feel sorry startin next to another civilization is because, I'll oppress them into only having one city while my empire exands across the whole continent

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formula one

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forza is becoming the better arcade/simulator racer! it almost does everything that the Gt series does with alot more creative approach.

hundreds of cars! check
upgrading and tuning! check
damage flips and turns! check
custimizations! check

the only thing the gt series has over forza is that each individual car has its own stat for which each car drive differently to a car with simular stats

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by now I really recommend the good ol fashion gaming consoles or even pc!



XBOX 360!

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by me!

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TYPICAL MS FAN: ZZZZZZZZzzzzzz.....(Quiet)
TYPICAL PS FAN: Give us new ip! this game sux! (plays GTA)

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10.) MGS4
9.) UC2
8.) KZ2
3.) GOW

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but the whole nine yards.

@Finalfantasykid "Not if you are a decent driver :P"

True or false, not everyone playing this game have liscenses let alone international liscenses better yet not even old enough to drive.

@everyone else! the game looks, and sounds like the last GT so stop with the riding of the PD dingaling

@Jamaicangmr I'll laugh as soon as GT becomes the real virtual driving game HAHAHAHA!

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enough with the excuses already! if not Im cool with 500+!

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I rather play a gt game with 800+ cars over 1001+

I want cosmetic changes in upgrades and damages.

I want an accessible online lobby than a empty complicated one.

I want more racing events; and I want these events to help and reward for the next event.

and stop being so critical in the time trial events.

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I dont talk politics but if you bring it up! better have your fact str8

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