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are you the second account of Powerofgreen or TheMart.

Funny how xbox360 owners are supposed to have more quality games although not by much because the xbox360 was released earlier and still they flame more than Ps fanboys.

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We all know killzone 2 is better in graphics, Screenhots? Last time i checked they had gameplay vids which makes Gears of war 2 look bad.

Wow xbox360 fanboys are on the rise recently, the first to start these pathetic flame wars.

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should be both banned, they are both fanboys that need to grow up. No Ps3 fanboys mentioned NG2 in this post and Omega was teh first one to say something.

Then Kingslayer comes along stating how Sony fanboys are like President Bush, and he SAIDS " DON'T BE A HATER, BE A GAMER"?

Both are far from being gamers.

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you wanna compare an overhyped game like halo 3 to a true masterpiece like MGS4?

Yeah that's typical for a fanboy.

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of uncharted is very different than that of Gears 2. You want to compare the graphics of Gears 2 with a game? Try Killzone 2 although it is pointless since we all know Killzone 2 has better graphics.

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but true.

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should not let this review stop them from buying the game, however they should be aware that Ign gave Too human a higher score than this.

Hopefully, other sites won't follow the same route and will give IU a lower score than Too Human.

That would be terrible.

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saying that Killzone 2 brings nothing new to the table is officially a dumb and biased excuse to bring this game down.

The guy that wrote this hands on preview probably loved the game but he probably only mentioned that the game does not innovate because that is the ONLY thing as of now that you could use against the game and that is pretty sad.

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user reviews FTW!!!(7.5) lol

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LOL that was funny, facepalm indeed.

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Killzone 2 will probably be a victim to the biased press. A dark and pointless cloud of hate is growing above this game.

I will buy it, and probably I will present my review here in the user review sections.

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Let him finish Too Human 2 first so that we can have more fun, then I'll be happy to pay your flight.

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problem that they state is that nothing makes it different from other FPS. But what about the new FPS cover thing it has?

aren't all FPS the same? Why does Killzone 2 have to be different from all other first person shooters.

UGO probably does not hate Killzone 2, but the bandwagon of haters has gotten bigger.

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incredibly retarded comment was brought to you by the man behind Too Human, your one and only Denis dyack.

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Exaclty, If you thought Kotaku was bad, you have no idea,lol.

Notice how they put xbox360 next to multiplatform games suggesting the xbox360 version will be superior, lol.

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could probably make MGs4 on the xbox360 if he wanted to, but not with the same quality as the PS3 version.

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I'm not 13 but I'm assuming you are no older than 18 based on your retarded comment.

You want to brag about something you don't have and you want to tell me how old I am.

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that i saw somebody with the same username as the author of this blog on PSn today while I was playing GTA4 in multiplayer.

i looked at your PSn ID and i noticed it wasn't the same. What is remember the 357?

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I found shocking.

But they are kidding about the nun right?

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