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you need to relax.Your "Oh No teh droids are attacking" speech is really immature.

LOL the mods are sony fanboys? LOL, just relax.

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a multiplatform game? PS3 owners can get Pure and/or motorstorm.

Not to mention MS is obviously better

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How can the xbox360 beat the PS3 with only Gears of War 2 because honestly that's the only killer app it has this holiday?
The Ps3 had no games in 2007 and it outsold the xbox360 that year even when it had halo 3. I'm just throwing some common sense out there.

You could talk about how the Ps3 will never catch up but outselling it this year? Man you are either extremely optimistic or extremely in denial

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Obviously you are no better than them.

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MS is really serious about maintaning that lead. However now that they've done this Sony can deliver one big price cut and Ms won't be able to counter with one of their own since they can't lower the xbox360's price any further.

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Oprah has reviewed the game.



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I think we should all know by now that none of us expected Haze to be good.

When the last delay was made I knew the game would suck.

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I am so sad now. (sarcasm)

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Madonna :)

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however, when i saw a few comments in another L4D post that it would be GOTY I couldn't stop laughing.

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that picture at the top right was.........unexpected.

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for a very fun game.

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the thing is that your small brains cannot take in so much truth and information therefore it explodes with immature opinions and replys causing you inner 12-14 year old to rise.

Sony has so many ways to win back again the money and trust of some gamers but they don't do it.

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who could dislike this game?

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Bon Scott. LOL.

before any Ps3 fanboy arrived here xbox360 fanboys were saying that Gears of war 2 looks better than so and so on the PS3.

EDIT: @Tomfoolery last time I checked any member here has the right to go into an xbox360 post or a Ps3 post.

Anyway you look at it, xbox fans do the same for Ps3 posts.

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Well I "hope" you know that is impossible, lol. I'm just saying.

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so, Sony and MS are in the gaming industry to stay. MS this gen has had a profit with the xbox360, and Sony is well aware that when you make the right console it will print money (PS2)

besides, competition between these companies is great, even for gamers.

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Instead, I will be playing games like Killzone 2 and LBP

@Bladestar " something that the xbox360 did a long time ago". It was released earlier and still it took some time for it to dish out games like halo 3 and Gears.

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Batman sackboy jumping off the edge of the Ps3 is epic.

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since it has had an AAA game, heck the last one it had was GTA4 a multiplatform game.

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