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that the PS3 is being sold as a blu ray player. Sony is not advertising the PS3 as a blu ray player. there are still people that are cluless about the fact that the PS3 can play movies.


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geting brutally owned by Jamie Foxx I would like to say that at times in which the xbox360 has had more games and a much lower price than the xbox360 it has still done extremely well.

If Sony cuts the price of the PS3( yes they are fully capable) then I am sure that it will match or beat the xbox360 sales this holiday and it has already beaten the xbox360 worlwide for this year like 2007.

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and Resistance are going to be the biggest FPS this year.

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Yeah it seems as if xbox360 fans have no clue that NPD is only for the U.S.

Even with the price cut the PS3 might still beat the xbox360 worldwide.


Actually Sony does not advertise the PS3 as a blu ray player atleast not enough.

THERE are still people that have no idea that the PS3 has blu ray not to mention the great deal they are geting.

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Yes I agree, I don't know how you can mention fable 2 and forget about LBP. LOL

I got enough adventure with Fallout 3 and i don't like the carttony style of fable 2 although I love the storyline and all the stuff you can do.

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along with some synonym of "dead" about 100 times on this page. try to be more original guys.

LBP and Fallout 3 are on my list.

My friend is geting Gears of War 2 and Fallout 3.

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buy games and more games for that beutiful black piano console and you will get the best out of it.

At this point all consoles have a large selection of titles to choose from.


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how much the PS3 needs to sell worldwide more than the xbox360 to catch up and beat it. I'm not being a fanboy I honestly just want to know.

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to appease the casual crowd is nearly worthless. Out of the 2 though MS seems to be the one that keeps going head first into that brick wall and failing hard.

Lips won't flop, but unless MS puts this OTHER average Karoake game on a mountain dew can the xbox360 won't recieve much help just because of that game.

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Yeah if you set up big advertising campaign for a game sure it can reach 1 million. LOL

Not to mention teh xbox360 is a console that was launched before two others and had plenty of time to establish itself as that ONE console that everyone buys.

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So you are saying that resistance is not a solid AAA FPS and that it won't sell alot?

I don't have a crystal ball, I have something called common sense and numbers.

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what an idiot, I hope your brand new xbox360 gets RROD and explodes in your face.

I love gaming, but I can't believe somebody would go that far and just buy an xbox360.

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do you think thousands of consumers and gamers think like you do and look at games through that fanboy perspective like yourself?

Hardcore gamers will love LBP and it won't get old because there will always be new levels, new dlc, etc.

Resistance 2 is a solid AAA FPS game and it will sell ALOT.

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why people keep saying the xbox360 will own this holiday seaon. Last year the PS3 outsold the xbox360 in worldwide sales. This year the PS3 has had much more momentum and has even outsold the xbox360 for most of this year.

I don't see how 1 killer app and a game that barely reaches the AAA mark will be enough for the xbox360.

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there is a big difference between Second Life and HOME that I don't see how such a smart person as yourself cannot comprehend.

With HOME you meet friends and then set off to play games. In Second Life that IS the game!lol.

Anyway that look cool, tried second life one day but I could'nt run it on my pc.

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"lol year of the xbox360"

banjo is an AAA title?

Last year the xbox360 had halo 3, bioshock, and mass effect and it still couldn't beat the ps3 in sales.

Now for 2008 the Ps3 has MGS4, Resistance 2, and LBP. Do you think that two games that barely reach the 9.0 mark and and just one AAA title will be enough for the xbox360? I don't.

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actually going to buy Left 4 Dead? *smiles* Have fun

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you just said they should have never added blu ray? Are you serious?

Sony is now making a profit on Ps3s and besides you don't work at their gaming branch so you have no clue.

Downloading movies is just a small alternative. There are still people that have no clue about this. Blu ray is extremely important for the Ps3.

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despise MMO gaming. The idea of havinf to play lousy monthly fees plus having to upgrade my pc just to get the game to run on it decently is just annoying.

Thank god we have console gaming.

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Will not suck, it will be an awesome game. maybe not AAA material but it will sell well and it will get good average reviews.

I don't see what's so epic or innovative about the game though, I guess xbox360 fanboys like to make a big deal about certain games.It might get 1 or 2 awards but with titles like gears of War 2, LBP, MGS4, and fallout 3 I doubt it could have some spotlight.

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