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if he does not like it, he is probably one among many others. This has nothing to do with his music and while you think it sucks he still has more money and girls than you will ever dream of.

I'm just saying. :)

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I think that most devs have their own strenghts and weaknesses with each console. In my opinion the xbox360 limits the potential of SOME games while sometimes it doesn't just because the dev wasn't even aiming that high and was just focused on geting the game to developed on the xbox360 as a lead platform SO that they can make some money.

To sum it up:

The PS3 is more powerful than the xbox360, but that needs to be proven with games, and that is onl...

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is the peds attack you cheat code so I can play like Will Smith from I Am Legend :)

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that is so true, lol.

The DLC will sell well, but the true question is was the 50 million worth it?

Did it impact xbox360 sales at all? Other than that YES people will buy the DLC, I might buy some small dlc for GTA4 when they release some.

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but it really shouldn't be a big deal to consumers. I mean people that are going to buy a console this year will at most get 5-6 games and you can get that same quanitity with each game being incredibly awesome on each console. It's kind of hard to explain but it's the reason i did not care much when it came to people telling me about the xbox360 "huge" selection of games.

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believe that I haven't gotten call of Duty 4 yet? That is crazy!!! LOL

I can't miss out on such a great FPS again, I'm definetly geting it.

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game will probably be awesome but I'm not expecting an AAA title at all.

Those that disagree are obviously those xbox360 fanboys in denial, what a sad bunch.

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Why do people stop to think about this stuff? Still even if it WAS a problem it wouldn't be as worse as the whole console overheating.

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making comments 4cough, just keep making comments, LOL :)

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that is kind of ironic don't you think?

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that with racing games especially like this one you don't have to worry about much when it comes to graphics. You got your sky, your grass and trees, the road, and then just the car and the interior.

Nothing big going on you know what I mean? I think GT5 is better in graphics but for an xbox360 racing game it really does look spectacular. But I wouldn't go too far and say that it is better looking than GT5

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think the xbox360 can outsell Wii? Nobody? C'mon don't be shy, lol.

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PC gaming FTW, LOL. J/k

I have a PS3 just because I like the games it has and there isn't really anythin on the xbox360 that might make me buy an xbox360. If I had the money I would obviously buy an xbox360. All consoles are worth geting.

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I thought I had seen it all, lol.

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in that case go ahead and buy Saints Row 2, I'm okay with my GTA4. lol

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when people just didn't give a s*** about both

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Like Mercs 2 did? LOL

Saints Row 2 looks awesome and obviously it has more stuff to do WORTH doing BUT I doubt it will have the quality of GTA4 and the gameplay.

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Too Human all over again? LOL J/K, I expect Fable 2 to be a good game and get above average around the "B" score.

The game looks awesome and I wish it was on the PS3. But honestly I'm gonna be too busy with LBP to even remind myself about that game.

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almost buying Mercs 2 I think I'm safe if I just wait for the reviews before even wanting to rent this game.

The combat just looks ugly. You know. GTA4 was a letdown, but when compared to other sandbox games out now it really delivers.

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can cut the PS3's price. They are fully capable. Will they lose money? Yes but they still have the Ps2 and the psp not like MS that just has 1 dead console(xbox). Either they make a price cut and risk losing money in order to stay on top of the xbox360, or they wait out the storm.

Sony's PS3 is a tough console. It's been through a rough year(2007) with hardly any good titles while the xbox360 had Halo 3, bioshock , and Mass effect. I'm sure this time Sony will pull it off ONCE...

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