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making so much money from the PS1 and PS2 I don;t think they will ever quit unless they have two bad gens in a role.

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is will the difference in sales be enough to keep MS on top.

Still, MS can just claim victory in 2010 with their new xbox. Heck the new xbox rumors are already arriving.

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or does IU have a lower meta score than Too Human?

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needs to pray that the xbox360 outsells the PS3 every single month as of the date the price cut is in effect.

If not, Sony can go for the kill.

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the "Phoenix"!!! The title of this article is so dramatic.

The author goes around in circles and i can't understand what he is actually trying to say.

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the japanese have seen more of Mario than Cloud.

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my friend bought it and said it got repetitive once he got to the space age or whatever.

And I don't like the cartoony style.

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I wish I could have both, but I own a PS3. No matter what console this holiday season you are guranteed to dish out some cash or miss out on some pretty epic games.

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had some nice hype going for it UNTIL the devs stopped showing it.

1. L.A. Noire has not been announced for the xbox360, nor has the dev ever talked about it going on the xbox360.
SO these rumors are coming out of nowhere.

2. I really don't care about L.A. Noire going to the xbox360, I don't lose anything with it, Sony knows what they are doing if this is so. If the game is good I'll buy it. It's not like the game is an xbox360 exclusive now. LOL

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is awesome I tried the demo but it won't even get close to motorstorm 2.

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LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2.

If I get any racing game it will be Motorstorm 2.

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happen if tommorow some xbox360 game became multiplatform aswell.

Those arguements were a long time ago, when the devs stopped showing L.A. Noire the hype started dying out.

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Sony probably stopped funding this game to focus on other games,

2nd, if you actually do some reading the dev does not state anywhere that L.A. Noire is going to teh xbox360.

3rd, like others have stated, L.A. Noire is a game that had much hype from Sony fans when it was first announced but after we stopped hearing about it was obvious that something was wrong with the game thus the hype went down.*MOD EDIT*

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it when there is a little bit of hope for the xbox360 in Japan and fanboys go crazy and then all of a sudden things go back to normal. Kinda like a slap to the face of all xbox360 fanboys.

I don't see anything selling good in Japan, hopefully the new Ps3 and xbox360 JRPGS will liven up the place.

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is Ms already planning for another console?If yes. I would be really pissed off if I was an xbox360 owner.

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I wouldn't dare to doubt that, HOWEVER it is far from being a game that" has never been seen before". (wether he was trying to say that or not)

Honestly I'm not trying to bash Fable 2 because that is a game that makes me wish I had an xbox360 but I think I would clasify LBP as a game that "has never been seen before"

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fails this hard I'll give a Littlebigb****slap as shown in some gameplay trailers.

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i think that he knows the game sucked even though he had a good concept going.

But even knowing that it is hard to be excited about Too Human 2.

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"YAKUZA 2 is not for everyone. Much like Metal Gear Solid 4, it has a cinematic style that often trades gameplay for story. "

Some people never get over the fact that MGS4 is actually the most hype deserving game this year and that it is the biggest GOTY contender as of now.


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doesn't beat the PS3 this year with that huge price cut they are in huge trouble. This would mean Sony can counter the price cut and deliver a bigger blow while MS cannot go make any further price cuts.

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