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brag about halo and gears of war 2, 2 massively overhyped games with huge advertising campaigns led by money hungry Microsoft.

Heck how can you not break sale records, lol.

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the xbox360 has had plenty of time to establish a large install base worldwide,

AND STILL the Ps3 got a little bit close.

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to see who gets "happy" over this.

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I'm guessing you totally suck at math kid.

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for HOME!!!!

And it is still free!!!

LOL Only the haters that won't get it are telling us that nobody cares anynore , wow lol.

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want custom soundtracks

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KingDizzie what have you done?!! You mentioned the wii and the Ps3 in the same sentence! Wait a sec...

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ways yes.

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SE is lying AGAIN or (based on what the dev mentioned) the xbox360 version will be a port of the PS3 version. If that is true then the xbox360 version may have some things taken out.

I think they may take a step back from this claim once they look at the Ps3 version and how the xbox360 version is shaping up to be

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the PS3's install base in Europe is now bigger than that of the xbox360?

Wow I just found that out(honestly), shouldn't be impossible to do the same worldwide eh?

@Fermcr the wii is beating all consoles not just the Ps3 but I don't think the wii is even regarded to as a gaming console anymore, more like a new money making long lasting fad that parents buy for their little 8-13 year olds.

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Rare is definetly in a position to take "cheap shots". /sarcasm/

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I don't see any.

Anyway, I expect the price cut to do alot more for the xbox360 in the upcoming months.

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I wonder if I can play my PS3 in heaven with Resistance 2, if not then LBP which is more heavenly friendly

LeonS, I'll check that book out.

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thanks for scaring the sh*t out of me, like Kratos once said" Now there is no hope". :/

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I don't mean to burst your bubble but if God is biggest clue we have of what happens after death heck why not believe in him, lol. j/k

I think that if you don't believe in God it's just based on logic (you don't believe in what you don't see) and that's fine because I've heard somewhere that jesus will forgive those who believe in him or somthing.

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the PS3 selling more this holiday season "worldwide" and maybe in NA if LBP does well and is advertised well.

A price cut would seal the deal and Sony would have this holiday season in the bag no matter what=.

EDIT: V1icious

I think the reason for that is that the wii has been forgotten as a gaming console and now regarded as that new casual craze that consumers who have no clue what they are looking at are buying.

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both are pretty good I beleive just not as good as expected.

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If Sony wants to attract consumers with LBP through the casual gaming side they need a price cut.

Anyway, LBP will still attract hardcore gamers and some casual gamers that have a PS3

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that are so desperate for this game to fail.

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I feel bad for your kids. They won't understand the game at all.

Anyway, MM will patch the game obviosuly before december after it is launched in October.

Plenty of time to have fun using other features of the game.

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