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is possible because they are making it on a multiplatform engine.

Bsides what gameplay footage of FF13 or trailer tells you that somebody would say that FF13 is as good as Mgs4 and is on the xbox360?

You guys only use the facts that you find conveniant for your arguement. That's why more than half of the time you are WRONG.

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How many times did Kojima state that Mgs4 will remain a PS3 exclusive?

Jack Tretton even killed the rumor again this E3 if you didn't notice.

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Do you really expect that from SE? LOL. When I say that I also mean that the Ps3 could suffer aswell.

Poor ff13, it will be sad to know that the game could have been way better when we get our hands on it no matter how bad or good it is.

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The irony, LOL. They talk about their wonderful casual gamers yet do you really think grandma or mom is even tuned in to E3 or will be playing wii for 2 hours or they even care about what games are on the wii. Do you think that 8 or 10 year old even knows what E3 is?

these guys are geting extremely annoying. They are like that bragging neighbor or friend that just won't shut about the loads of money he is making.

They have given their back on hardcore gamers.Do t...

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sure about Killzone 2 or even talking about it as if it were a promising game but now I know it's going to be one heck of a game.

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Sony had alot to worry about with PS2 and PSP. But there is still no excuse for not showing this video at their conference.

They say they want ps2 owners to migrate to the PS3 yet they announce new games and bundles for the PS2.

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in 2007 the PS3 had a drought in software. At the same time MS had its best system seller out(halo 3). With all this including Bioshock and Mass effect the Ps3 still sold more consoles worldwide that year.

So let me ask you this. If this year Sony has MGS4 and Resistance 2 followed by a new innovative IP with loads of potential(littlebigplanet) then what do you expect this time around?

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all of those combos and god powers with insane graphics and gore!!!!!!!!!!!!

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first of all HOME is not a video game. HOME is the reason why Sony's PSN will be alot more enjoyable than Xbox Live at no cost.

Besides if they announce the open beta or release date of HOME now I bet there will be atleast 80 comments about it.

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was teh best ever!!!! j/k

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will be awesome. I can only imagine being on a parachute and landing in a warzone that consists of hundreds of players focused on taking out the enemy.

Does anyone know if they have forums or a website out yet?

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Seriously look at his post. Makes you wonder if he even saw E3. LOLZ

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PS3 owners couldn't go to sleep yesterday after the bad news but like you said today was a much better day for them and me :)

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Sony worked the hardest because they made deals with devs to bring out new IPs.

Who Knows if Infamous will be the next big blockbuster? Or if not then maybe Littlebigplanet?

The only thing I wish I would've seen more from Sony is release dates and demos

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was the best because they introduced 2 brand new IPs with others previously announced like Infamous and Littlebigplanet.

All MS did was announce ff13 on xbox360. All they did was throw money at SQ until they gave in.

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dead I don't think so but inferior to other services YES. The answer is right in your face so I don't wanna offend some of you by stating how HOME offers more for no cost and make you seem like.......ignorant fanboys.

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I don't see why so many people are making a big deal out of FF13 on xbox360.

I mean Sony has pulled themselves out of this situation before. The PS3 in my opinion will once again outsell the xbox360 this year because it has an amazing lineup this year with more potential and variety.

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a tear to my eyes. Yet I wonder how am I going to get time and money to buy the games I want.

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only 1 killer app which is gears 2.

Atleast Sony has numerous new IPs and 1 game with extreme potential coming this year along with Resistance 2.

Off topic: when do we get NPD results? This thursday?

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how somebody stated that you should compare the reactions of yesterday's announcement from MS to the one of Sony.

Thing is that FF13 on the Xbox360 was huge but MS had no new IPS and their "fresher" avatars lacked importance.

Sony was the only company that came out with new IPs ( about 2 to be exact) and with a new sequel.


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