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that was really messed up but I guess Microsoft doesn't really care that much.

Halo Wars really doesn't have the same hype it use to have so the price cut is more important than the game being good or not for them I guess.

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he stole my idea!!! Well before you hit that disagree button my level would not of consisted of bashing the xbox360 but more of the console wars as a whole.

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the game yet but I don't know you could give this game anything lower than a 9.0.

There is so much creativity involved along with the addition of being able to play with friends and whatnot.

LBP will join MGS4 as the best two exclusives released this year SO FAR.

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Yeah I heard that about 5 times but I ignored it because it was just a comment made to pss off PS3 owners at the time and make them jealous with their COD4 beta. They probably knew the PS3 could handle alot more.

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So GEOW 2 will be the game with the best graphics to date when it is RELEASED!?

I'm not even going to bother,

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Gears of War 2 will have a more strategic and slow pace while Resistance 2 will also have some strategy in it but it will be alot faster I guess.

I like my gameplay fast but not choatic so I think R2 will be just right for me, I can't wait for the release!

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Gamer, Gears of War 2 has alot less to handle both in multiplayer and singleplayer in graphics.

Why are we even worrying about the graphics, isn't gameplay what truly matters most of all.

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guys, no hate going on here although I have no clue why anybody would hate on a list unless they just point out the obvious and they call him out for "hating", lol.

Anyway, nice job.

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they really don't have different characteristics it is just that their arguements make it seem as if they all of some type of immature characteristic.

Like If I were to say that xbox360 fans are always the ones to start flame wars, which only apllies for the first year of the PS3, after that PS3 fans started to start flamewars since their console was doing better.

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gaming and on the Ps3 but not bigger than youtube although it deserves to be bigger.

The main reason is simply that more people have PCs than PS3s obviously and not all people are creative.

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pretty dim for the xbox360 version of FF13.

Without FF13 on the xbox360 in Japan the console is just going to keep going up and down in sales without going achieving much. So MS needs to throw some more money on SE

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bragging about the sales of halo and gears? Last time I checked MS dished out alot of hard cash to advertise those games while Sony barely advertises their biggest exclusive and it still sells well.

LOL, Army of Two made it in there.

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settig it up in a huxley type form would be better but we all know how bad that went.

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seriously sucks, they made the Age of Empires franchise!!!!

If not ES, then who?

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don't seem to be very mature either, any other area you lack in that you want us to know about? LOL

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gamers like you make me sick, " Xbox360 gamers buy more games"?

Oh wait so now you guys are some kind of superior group because you buy more games? Because you easily slip into microsoft's hand by huge amounts of advertising and overhyping?

Yeah I think I rather have 5 good games than 10 overhyped games

EDIT: @console war, MGS4, Resistance, Call Of Duty 4, Uncharted and GTA4 are not good?

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Wow you suck at math, since when does MGS4, uncharted, Madden 08, GTA4, Resistance, and call of Duty 4 = 2?

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Software sales for them is more important now since that's what MS is strongest at. lol

I really don't see the point they are trying to make, but IT'S "them" ;)

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LOLZ, well said

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will sell less than xbox360 games for two main reasons:

1. MS overhypes and leads huge ad campaigns for their exclusives, ex. Mountain Dew cans with Halo 3 on them, MTV show on Gear of War, Scifi show on Mass Effect, etc.

2. The xbox360 has a bigger install base, not to mention it has had plenty of time to establish itself as the main console.

Still, you see the PS3 outselling the xbox360 and geting pretty close to software sales with some games.

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