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is pretty much on crack now, they are going to give the public a bad view of both the DB series and God of War. Those bastards.

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I got a question:

How do you use this news post as a tool to bash the PS3? And they say PS3 fanboys are bad. LOL

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replayability value is not THAT BAD. I would certainly play the campaign all over again just for the trophies.

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and we complained about GTA4. I almost bought Mercs 2, thankfully the ugliness of the game was not hard to see in the demo or when I rented it.

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but with Bungie it was different right? With Bungie they just sperated with Ensemble Studios it was just completeled closed.

I'm not sure so if you can feel free to explain it to me.

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will sell more due to Microsoft's huge hype machine and advertising campaigns.

Resistance 2 will probably be as fun as Gears of War 2 or better. Either way it will atleast be a true sequel.

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and I'm saying that because of the xbox360's large install base, otheriwise I wonder why anybody would waste their time on that game with so MANY OTHER great titles on the xbx360. Or is Banjo now more important than fallout 3, Gears of war 2, or fable 2?

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you'll have some greatly hideous children, lol.

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love to speak to those people that blame these tragedies on video games.

I think they just can't accept the fact that they "suck" at parenting and so they have to blame it on something else.

Not to mention parents have tools like the ESRB and a little something called common sense.

Yeah, go buy Halo for your 11 year old and keep your gun in a place where he can easily find it and play with it. Later just blame it on the game.

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a long time ago. Registering in Gamepro is just......I can't even find the right words.

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people will choose which console they want based on what they want out of their console.

You can pretty much get good games on both consoles with the same amount of quality.

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this idiot made this article as if the PS3 grew legs and kicked the sh*t out of him. LOL

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of bashing without facts from xbox360 fanboys makes me sick as a gamer.

Everything was going fine until they arrived and I rarely say that.

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Race Pro looks better, ;)

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usually the blogs and sites that bash the PS3 are usually the ones that look like they were written by morons who are looking for more members to their blog/website?

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when was HOME considered a system seller?

What a bunch of brainless immature fanboys! They want to make HOME loook like a game in the eyes of the public so that once it arrives they'll make articles like " HOME does not Live up to the HYPE".

PSN will still be free after this, and it beats anything on xbox live.

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I feel like a genius with people like this around.

LOL, "why the xbox360 will win the console war" (he looks at the numbers and then writes this- "why the xbox360 SHOULD win the console war"

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won't surpass Blu ray atleast for another 4-6 years.

Not everyone has a computer with incredible online speed and memory.

IF ANYTHING, "DD" will become an alternative to blu ray.

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but only if they followed the same style as the game on the movie kinda like the comic of 300 and the movie.

Not to mention that you would need a good director behind it otherwise the franchise will get messed up. The same goes for Halo and MGS

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to buy a PS EYE to add to the fun when creating my levels.

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