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if he hints about a sequel I wouldn't expect one atleast not until very late in the PS3's time or when the next playstation arrives.

They have too many things to add to LBP. Since LBP is more of a multiplayer game the devs will probably be focused on adding new content and stuff.

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So you have the DLC? last time I checked Ps3 woners and xbox360 owners have the same content on GTa4 as of now so brag when you have the dlc in your "hot" system.

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looks cool although from the vids I really don't see it being THAT good but it will be AWESOME!!!.

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Who is gonna play GTA4 by the time the DLC arrives. Too many great games to play on both consoles anyway, i don't see how you could have time for it.

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Yes, but while the xbox360 has average Jrpgs and this game is its best game which is just a B+ the PS3 will soon have WKC and final fantasy versus 13.

I don't see why it is the king in JRPGS when it hasn't had an AAA JRPG yet I think.

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what he is talking about therefore the devs of killzone 2 should really think about what he is saying.

It seems that the motion controls for the sixaxis are rushed, not the controls itself in general I believe.

So in other words I don't think it may be a big deal, just something else they may want to fix so that biased reviewers won't take off a whole point just because of that.

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I'm excited

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friend bought it and he told me that he loves it.

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about Too Human, it makes me sick. I played the demo and so did my freind who owns an xbox360. It is just not as goo as some expected. It has an average review of 6.9 which is almost average.


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Actually has a point. When the PS3 started geting titles like Uncharted, HS, and Warhawk that were not AAA games just AA xbox fanboys started that whole dilemma.

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"the xbox360 drops on its side. And by drop I don’t even mean hit the floor fully. There was no thud, no crash, and no sound effect. It was like Mr. Burns giving you a high five, slow and feeble looking."

OO and read this " Now I’m no fool I know what happens when you move a 360 mid game. Rape."


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LOL, that was disgusting

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I started playing around 4 years old with the Nintendo. I loved playing Mario and some tank game I don't remember. Tons of fun.

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obviously. I'd rather get my hands on LittleBigPlanet than a brand spanking new copy of ...........well you know.


Very, very true

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I'm not shocked. Things are pretty depressing for MS in Japan. :D

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forward to the DLC for GTA4. I wonder what it is.

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don't mention sonic and turok in the same sentence. Sonic was much better, LOL.

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Why didn't they do this with haze or Lair? Why didn't they do it with MGS4 when the fanboys that don't even have the game were flaming it for the long cutscenes.

YES, journalists can defend games AS LONG AS THEY ARE NOT FANBOYS TO BEGIN WITH.

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I for one have little money to spend on video games so when I buy a game it has to be an AAA game.

All of my PS3 titles consist of AAA games or games that are at that 8.5 mark like Madden 08.

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LOL, the open zone is fun some times. I have to admit I've tried to do a second account once but somehow it was deleted.

So how can 10yearflop's account still be active I mean isn't it obvious it is a second account?

I'm just wondering man no offense

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