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is the guy who will be playing Kratos. I can't think of one person that would fit in well.

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if he makes the movie R-rated it can turn out to be "decent".

Otherwise I feel bad for Kratos right now.

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and it will, despite all of the biased reviews it will get.

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not because it isn't good, but because I'm busy worrying about geting LBP, R2, Fallout 3, Killzone 2, etc.

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how these companies can spend money on a project that is already set to fail.

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worth the price when you look at what PSN will offer by the end of this year.

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how anything that mixes hardcore shooters with MMOs can be "promising".

Not because it doesn't work, but only due to the fact that the final product usually isn't all what it is cracked up to be.

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this will push them to actually make better software instead of just sitting around counting money.

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Isn't it obvious? *Looks at devs and crappy UE3*

PS3 games can "look" better, but it depends on the devs

Killzone 2
Motorstorm 2

All but one come from 1st party devs that put hard work into the games and therefore they
look better than most if not all xbox360 exclusives

Hal-Life 2

all come from devs that are lazy or had problems with their engine and...

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All fanboys are the same, I feel like I'm in Iraq, 3 groups of people all born in the same sh*tty place arguing over who Santa Claus is.

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gameplay is rarely a factor in a flamewar no matter what fanboy!

It has always been about the sales( especially xbox360 fans), reviews, graphics, et.

Rarely is "gameplay" used as a weapon by fanboys except when they clain that a game is fun when it is a flop.

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It shouldn't be hard for Gamestop employees to sell a Ps3 to a customer telling from the fact that the Ps3 has outsold the xbox360 for a large amount of time this year.

Not to mention they can still push multiplatform games and LittleBigPlanet.

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"So there you have it. LittleBigPlanet. It’s the next big thing. I’m not sure how well the masses will take it, but I do know one thing: everyone must try this game and all its features. From single player to co-operative play, to creating a level and definitely trying out finest user created content out there. It really is a special game."

Looks like he really enjoyed it. I need to get this game along with Resistance 2.

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I'm 100% sure you clicked on this post just to troll instead of enjoying the vid.

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you mean the next overhyped thing since sliced bread then hopefully Gears won't follow that path.

I would hate to see such a great game turn into an overhyped console seller.

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LBP is not a flop, some fanboys are crying. Soon giving LBP anything lower than an 8.0 will define the reviewer as a biased and unprofessional person.

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good but nothing to cry and start a flamewar about unless you are.....nevermind.

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NEEDS TO STOP LIEING. If they are going to do something then just tell the public.

It is like they belong to MS now and they are just trying to advertise the message that their ff games are going on the xbox360.

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the fanboy glasses on anybody can look at these screenshots *coughs* bullshots and say that they are "UNEXPECTED" AND "INCREDIBLE".


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