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So if one man created a game like this in 2 years (730 days) that one means that 50 mean man can create one like this in 14.6 days (730 ÷ 50 = 14.6). 🤔 interesting....

No, in this case math doesn't work I think... 🤐

But damn that was really awesome for just one man. Hope he gets hire by a big company to create some epic games.

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Of course it has to be noticeable, we are comparing a 2006 game/graphica/engine vs a 2016 game. That's a decade. I would say it looks decent, it just has better lighting and resolution and a few tweaks here and there... but nothing too big when we look at the time between both. Anyways COD has never been a "graphic killer" game. Either way, the fact that we are getting a remaster for this gen just males me happy. :)

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The problem is not only the exo suits.. it is also all the extra bullshit they put now, all those perks, attachments etc. I remember COD4, it was mostly about having skills, gun vs gun. Now it mostly depends on all the BS attatchments you have your weapns and perks you have. Before COD didn't have all that extra stuff mainly for noobs or people who just depend on them.

Bring back COD4 gameplay style, choose your attachment, the 3 perks, your favorite gun. And good luck...

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Well I'm against all these microtransactions things... but to answer your question I guess it would be the same thing as saying "why would anyone work their a$$ off in a game for fake cash" like it is the same logic, there are those who think that it is "worth it" as much as playing for hours for the same purpouse. Anyways, at the end this is what it does to the players, developers get lazy as long as they keep seeing cash in their bank accounts.
And this prac...

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They should just do a COD4 or MW2 remaster

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Just bought it today and find it pretty boring.. As a big fan of RSV 1 and 2... It just feels like you are just restricted for everything, you can't play only the game mode want/like, the very limited game modes that it has feel the same etc. For example TDM, terrorist hun etc they all the same thing, just that TDM doesn't have a bomb or hostile. In TDM you have to secure and stay in the area, and defend just like every other game mode like wth, same rounds, lives and everything? I do...

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It looks cool... And well it is something refreshing, so we cannot complain about it because eventually we would get bored of the same time frame.

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Correct me if I'm wrong... But isn't this just like a projector? Because if it is, then I don't see anything special. Just a question and a thought.

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You might die hold your breath waiting for it...😁

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@jmac53 and @Becuzisaid.. Nobody is saying is we want another COD... Have even played previews Rainbow Six games, or even get what I'm trying to say? If you did then you would've understood. It could just be the way RS used to be, fun, "stragetic" but not with all these BS and extremely slow. Let me define that for you too. Slow in the way/style it is played, not that it is slow to shoot, aim or run. Do you guys get it? Because the point here is not that I want it to be like...

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Reasons for me.

#1 No health regeneration. Like seriously? You get shot twice and end up 1 vs 3 but imposible to win because if a mosquito bites you, you're already dead?

#2: Characters. Characters customization? No where near as how RS used to be, I only played for like 2 hours and also heard if somebody takes yhe character you have then you're screwed.

#3: No cover system as previews rainbow six games.

#4 Extremely ...

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And that is why we still don't have simple features like notifications for friends signing in... Because no matter what "PS4 still sells well" that's why Sony just sits back and relax and simply ignore for the features we really want more first. Yes, that's why competition is good because it makes companies have more pressure on them to try to give what customers ask/want. As long as they keep the lead... It is like "we will give you those features whenever we feel ...

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Was gonna say this but someone at dualshock beat me to it
"Although, how many times have Need for Speed games turned out to be crap to average. Screen shots usually come off a monster PC, not forgetting a downgrade in graphics afterwards, which is typical these days (Ubisoft are pros at it). I bet the game doesn't look as good when it's released and I'm not confident it'll be any good either."
Also this could be rendered and not real-time... So until ...

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I just wanna ask to all of you guys, is it just me or a lot of people? I enjoy playing GT but what I really hate the fact that for different types of races you need different cars etc. Like for it is all about having that or those favorite/special cars and have all the upgrades for it etc. Like basically if you have to be playing with different cars, sometimes cars you don't like or want to play with...

Just a personal opinion, but for me on every racing game or even shoo...

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April fools?
I kid I kid... ;)

OT: But good job from MS

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If sony is smart enough... They should include a controller with every SonyTV, Blue-ray player, Phone or anything that includes the PS Now... So when people buy one of these devices they are ready to play out of the box, even they include a cheap controller, but this will catch a lot of attention to people and actually try it. This will be the best move. Right now everyone that has a device compatible with it won't even try it if theu have buy anythig else in order to play (mainly casual...

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Nowadays all we hear is "jaw-dropping visuals" but what about jaw dropping gameplay/story -_-
that's the main focus of developers now and that's why we get so many dissapointments.

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Yeah, while this might be a good way for developers to attention on certain games, it is also the same thing that will make people angry and trash the game later on... Same people they are trying to get right now to say "wow that was amazing" are the same people they will get later on saying "gameplay looks nothing like the trailer they showed us. No buy!" or even "yea we all we see is pretty graphics but gameplay sucks!"

Developers nowadays are ...

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For all you Nyan cats, I have a niddle... now excuse me.

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Me Neither.. As good as it is or look,usually only sequels of a good game are "system seller" this is because people with new ips are not too familiar or convinced. Once the game is well known and played by many, and people start spreading the words then it could be with the next installment.

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