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sexy cliffy at it again

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they may find it fun, they may get a buzz from fooling people into thinking it's real, nerd bragging rights... innumerable reasons really.

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then even more reason to suggest those 5 as being correct.

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Weird that a $600 launch console can't cope as well with these open world games. Sony sure did waste their money on that cell crap.

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we have higher standards for exams in the UK... most americans probably couldn't even name the countries that make up the UK. I can even convince americans on xbox live that Scotland didn't have electricity until the 80s and we are just now getting the first season of friends televised...

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so what are the issues again?

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I can honestly say it hasn't in the slightest.

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gadz no, the original is way better.

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I'd say 9/10 for the PC release and 8/10 for the xbox release. They never quite got the controls right for the xbox. The game also loses points for having mind numbingly repetitive level design.

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Pretty ridiculous how they made the second chance pistol more powerful than any weapon in the game, added to the fact you're invulnerable when you're shot down. Too annoying.

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what? they just remade it unrealistically bad looking...

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It's quite ironic when people like yourself won't buy a game because it is a 'poor' port from the 360, and the reason it is ported in the first place is because more people play the game on the 360.

Maybe if you started supporting their games, the ps3 would be lead console or at least have equal attention.

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much of the gaming press we are expossed to is american. In america the 360 is very popular and feels more of an american brand than the sony ps3(and obviously is technically of course). America is very sensationalist and will go with whatever is popular. People go through 10 xbox360's and still think it's the second coming solely because it is the popular gaming console... in america.

The wii gets less attention because it is directed at a different audience, a less...

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when it comes to nintendo games, edge are probably the most generous.

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Pandamobile and cgoodno; two n4g juggernauts battling it out. Good to see. Keep it clean ladies.

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Why do people even pretend that there is any difference in these comparisons. Just so long as one of the versions doesn't have a really unstable framerate then it's all good.

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To sony shipped means sold though. So yes, these are shipped numbers. Read comment #2.

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sexy barbarians at it again

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I agree, Cat fixes it so that lighthearted trolls like me don't win.

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