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I'd greatly prefer a 2014 release date. I've got a huge backlog of 360 games to catch up. But M$ has been in the market this gen for longer than SONY has and they've most likely been working away for awhile.

SONY is trying to get out of this gen as fast as they can, but Microsoft may be stretching it out and milking the 360 as best they can.

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Don't mind him. Most people here only read the headlines.

I think Mark Rein has it right. Microsoft has most likely been working with devs for years regarding the next Xbox, but like a review embargo, the devs can't talk about it until Microsoft gives them the a-okay.

It's pretty wild how much hype M$ is getting without even disclosing the existence of the next Xbox and not spending a penny. We'll get a few days of ...

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Be on your best behaviour, fanboys.

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The intent is there, let's see if these intentions come through. There was a lot of interest in the PS3, but half of PS2 owners switched to Microsoft/Nintendo.

I want to see a price. I feel like that was the major deterrent for PS2 owners.

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From the article: "Thurrot also originally proposed the idea of Microsoft announcing the new Xbox in April".

So Michael Patcher 2.0 is retracting his prediciton. Okay. I think it's important to remember that officially, a successor to the Xbox 360 doesn't exist.

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From the article: "Thurrot also orginally proposed the idea of Microsoft announcing the new Xbox in April"

So he predicts M$ will announce in April and is now retracting his prediction? Since when did Michael Pachter have an alias on Twitter?

It's important to remember to that officially, a successor to the Xbox 360 doesn't even exist.

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Stop trolling downandout

PS4 is equivalent to a 2 year old PC

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I love seeing the Xbox 360 tag in Metal Gear articles.

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I'm glad to see that SONY has followed Microsoft's lead by making the PS4 more PC-like. This was a great success on the 360 and as the writer mentions above, I look forward to not seeing games next gen that are glitchy and broken on one system and not the other.

It's a shame to hear PS3-only owners swearing that they will never buy a Bethesda game again, when IMO they are one of the greatest devs/pubs of this generation. I'm glad these scenarios (hopefully) wo...

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Judging by the the underwhelming launch titles like Driveclub, and how Battlefield 4 on current gen systems looks better than Killzone: Shadowfall does, I hope that there are a number of years to go before the PS4 is maxed out.

I bought a launch PS3 this gen and I'm not making that mistake again. 1 year in and the thing broke and SONY wanted $150 to repair it. I'll be picking up a PS4 in 2-3 years time, so this time frame, if at all accurate, works well for me.

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I LOL'd when the article suggested that Knack and Driveclub are going to be AAA titles. These look to be the next Wii Sports and Star Wars Kinect.

Can you imagine no Microsoft this gen? PSN wouldn't exist, we'd still be using the crappy PS2 online system. I'm sure Home would still exist though :p

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After the success of Microsoft's XNA, it's great to see SONY jumping on board and supporting these indie devs.

IMO some of the best games come from indie developers. If the support for indie games continues into next gen, I can continue buying indie games and avoiding COD games.

Edit: @below I suggest you read the article before trolling my comment. Stay on topic. Lol original comment was "hm" and then I edited. Why don't we have the ope...

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Failing to including headsets with ALL consoles. I want to be able to communicate with teammates by voice, not text. Come on SONY, this isn't 1997!

Third party headsets, for the most part, are low quality and inconsistent. And even though I went out and bought a headset, no one on my team ever had one. Playstation owners need a crash course on social interactivity.

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Oh, another sales blog.

When all is said and done, the Xbox 360 sold threefold what its predecessor did, while the PS3 only managed 50% of what its predecessor accomplished. Tens of millions of PS2 owners switched to Microsoft, Nintendo, and PC this gen.

What will be interesting to see next gen is that you can bet devs and publishers are well aware of M$'s sharp growth and Sony's decline; which platform would you be more confident in putting your game...

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Maybe you should wait for M$ to AT LEAST confirm that the next Xbox even exists.

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M$ hasn't done a single thing and they've already stolen almost all the hype SONY produced with the PS4 unveiling. It'll be interesting to see N4G explode when M$ actually confirms the existence of the 720, let alone the many, many rumours flying around.

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Didn't have ANY interest in this game, but the demo is actually pretty solid. I'll be playing a few more matches before I make any decisions, but it's surprisingly fun.

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It's good to see SONY correct the mistakes they made this gen.

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"Likely what they did this one: build for the weakest, port to the rest."

So I guess the PS4 will be lead and the 720 will get the port.

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Disagree button is 100% useless and shouldn't be considered when commenting...

Having said that, I don't find the Vita amazing, I can disagree.

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