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Answer: Financial difficulties.

When a company loses so much money, the shareholders oust the CEO and other management and the company is forced into taking a different direction. SONY is far from being out of the woods yet though, so I wouldn't say they are no longer "evil", using the authors logic.

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From what we've seen the PS4 will do doing more of the same as this gen in addition to catching up on some much needed features that the competition has (headsets, party chat).

Microsoft on the other hand appears to be changing the gaming landscape. The next Xbox will be a complete multimedia entertainment future-proof device. Illumiroom, Xbox Mini, and superior hardware if the rumours are true.

SONY will stick to the same blueprint that's lead them t...

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PS+ is amazingly great value and M$ needs to find a way to counter it with the next Xbox. PSN has improved so much since 2006 and the PS4 appears to be improving where previously it failed (party chat, included mics).

However, PSN is simply not on the same level as Xbox Live. PS3 is good for exclusives, but no multiconsole owner would willingly choose PSN over Xbox Live. Aside from the above mentioned features, Xbox Live is an ecosystem of interactivity, where everything is s...

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Oh and it's Dragonknight who becomes the first victim to mention Microsoft's financials in a SONY article. One of the best ways to find the biggest fanboys.

And for the record if SONY's $400 million profit is a good thing, then Microsoft must be doing very well with $21 BILLION in profits.

ITT: I'm glad to see SONY starting to improve. For awhile there I was concerned we wouldn't even see a PS4.

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All these rumours before the thing even exists? N4G's going to explode with nextBox rumours leading up to May 2st.

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The PS4 has officially reached the point that the Xbox 360 reached in 2005. Kudos!

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This is the same guy who predicted that Xbox was going to be unveiled in April.

Way to go IGN. Must be a slow news day.

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When you consider the Dualshock to be comfortable.

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It's always good to see a company learn from its mistakes. I'm sure everyone at SONY are looking forward to PS2-like success for the PS4, and hoping the PS3 becomes a distant memory.

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SONY better continue thinking hard about the issue. Many, many people will refuse to buy the PS4 if there is no BC. At the very least, many people won't buy day 1 like they originally planned. Need proof? Look below and on any other article regarding PS4 BC.

Gaikai is great. But I am NOT buying my PS3 games again. If SONY refuses to support the games I bought from them on their new system, I will no longer support them. You can't abandon your core audience like that a...

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Really? I'd much rather take the $20 bonus and get it day 2 or 3.

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LMAO. I wonder how fast that'll change when Microsoft announces their next gen console.

Way to compare systems in different though. The PS3 creamed the gamecube!

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The GTA franchise used to be exclusive to SONY consoles. GTA IV sold more on the Xbox 360 because of exclusive DLC. Grand Theft Auto is now a name synonymous with the Xbox brand. This is why you can bet GTA V will sell better on the 360.

Microsoft is benefiting enormously from timed DLC, as is their user base. If SONY or Nintendo don't want to pony up the cash it's their loss. Well I guess technically its the loss of PS3/Wii owners.

lol I just realiz...

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Microsoft has the most first party studios out of the big three, with most studios working on unannounced projects. Expect many new games announcements in the coming months.

If half are Kinect games, then Microsoft simply has as many studios as SONY.

It's a good time to be a 360 owner :D

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PS4 price and marketing budget are unknown. Joke article.

I hope it isn't true. I don't want SONY losing half their fanbase AGAIN this gen due to poor marketing.

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Playstation users play everything on easy.

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Ahhh another SONY fanboy who knows everything about the next Xbox even though it doesn't exist yet.

N4G is usually a barrel of laughs, but I feel brain cells dying as I read GAMER's comments.

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Looks like everyone in the console war is an immature, pathetic fanboy; from Nvidia and AMD all the way down to N4Gers like GamerVIII

Looks at comment history: "Real gamers don't have families" :s

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Looks like the HBO app is a lot more popular than M$ thought it was

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In other news, a recent N4G survey revealed that there are 900,000 unique visitors to N4G every month that indentify themselves as Sony fanboys.

The same survey determined that there are 6 Microsoft fanboys on N4G.

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