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Yeah, that was funny.

But DAMN Battlefield looked sexy. Looks like I'll be buying on X1 for the DLC

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Wow Halo in 60 FPS? Even Killzone Shadowfall couldn't pull that off.

EDIT Confirmed by GG, Snookes.

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MEGATON! Exclusive confirmed.

Looks awesome

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Wow. Just when it looked like the competition was catching up to Xbox Live...

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Minecraft meets LBP, but exciting!

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Looks fantastic! Can't wait to play this exclusive.

Thanks, Insomniac!

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LMAO, this of GodoW on steroids

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Hells yes!

Plus you get XGC and Party chat for free!

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Unfortunately, we on N4G are a very small, vocal minority.

Check the popularity of X1 on Amazon. People want it. A lot of people want it.

If huge financial success is considered "deep sh*t", then I want to be neck deep.

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Well said Mike, bubble up,

@dedicated, it's getting old man!

Your first X1 hating blog 5 minutes after the reveal was one thing, but your consistent tirades are becoming...tiresome.

I like that you're passionate but it might be time to find another topic, because like me, most people here DID NOT read and simply scrolled to the bottom.

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Lmao, that's hilarious.

Thankfully, as an Xbox gamer I don't have to settle for the Killzone series.

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LMAO so true ape!

I'm betting the vast majority of the 40 will be multiplat. Prove me wrong, SONY.

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SONY's conference was better than the unveiling of the X1.

And that's really saying something because the PS4 reveal is one of the worst in history. Console reveal without a console? It will be talked about for years to come unfortunately.

And the sad thing is even with all this time the rumoured PS4 looks horrible...


Any who pays the slightest bit of attention to gaming news would have known that the X1 reveal was not to be focused on games. This was known weeks in advance.

But still, Quantum Break GOTY 2014!!!

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Stranglehold is right.

In fact, if you take a look at VG Charts, the Xbox 360 is on pace to outsell the PS2 in the worlds largest market before this gen is out.

I don't see SONY penetrating this in their current struggling financial situation.

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Mirror's Edge 2 and Fallout 4 exclusivity are the latest rumours.

Also, Quantic Dream's stifling contract with SONY is coming to an end, and with their view on used games you can bet the spiritual successor to Heavy Rain will be exclusive to X1.

I'm also looking for Crackdown and Halo Wars sequels.

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If L4D3 is a X1 launch game I may have to push back my PS4 purchase

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Nah, Vita easily takes the crown.

Living the dream, Johnny:)

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