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He uses Halo 4 for hits. And it's working.

I agree with what he's saying, but Halo 4 is the worst example he could possibly use. I'd instead use a game like Dishonored. As good of a game it seems to be, IMO as a singleplayer only game with a short campaign it is not worth $60. Even if I were to play it twice, I'd value it brand new at $30.

When you get some games like Halo that give you hundreds of hours of gaming, $60 is too much for singlepl...

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PS3 is in third place worldwide. Not second, and definitely not first.

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PS3 equality!

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You remind me of N4G c. 2006-07.

"M$'s check must have cleared" re. Heavenly Sword reviews.

I thought N4G has evolved past that conspiracy theory?

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I agree, but I don't feel it's about lack of patience, I think it's more the advent of technology.

I read the Halo 4 Instruction booklet (and a lot more) 2 weeks before release here:

Although I still enjoy a small instruction booklet, they aren't really needed and in this day and age arguably quite wasteful.

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lol +bubbles hudson

Was it not well known that you can install on USB?

Even if it's not, it's not like this is on PS Vita where you get 1GB of memory for every $5 spent. Go buy a bigger HD

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Personally, I'd give two additional points (7/10) if the price was reduced to $40, which I think better represents its true worth

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It wasn't changed. It was the same in Halo: Reach

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+ bubble for ditching Call of Duty. I played COD2, 3, 4, and 5 and then stopped buying into that garbage,

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SONY failed this gen going from hero to zero.

Microsoft went from last to 2nd with no sign of stopping. Micosoft are the babies of the console wars and they've already passed the former great, SONY.

It looks like SONY will continue its downward trend if PS4 specs rumours turn out to be true.

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Really? No one is gonna disagree with me? N4G must be full of xbots then:\

Jump in.

November 6, 2012.

You haven't experienced Next Gen until you've played Halo on Xbox Live.

Enjoy waiting until 2013.

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SONY also isn't afraid to open the check book to buy exclusive DLC i.e. Assassin's Creed 3. Not to mention catering to the hardcore audience with Wonderbook, LBP Kart racing, and PSASBR.

Oh wait...

The best games are on Xbox 360. I'll easily put 300 hours into Halo 4. It takes 30 PS3 exclusives to reach that number.

Jump in.

November 6, 2012.

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But why would I pay to save? Isn't that a service that everyone else offers for free?

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You would see Kinectimals isn't on that list. In fact, the only Kinect game to crack the most desired list is Fable in the #10 spot

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PS3 caters to the hardcore audience. LBP Kart Racing is as hardcore as it gets.

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Given the choice between the 2 100% of people would choose Halo.

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You lap up Darkride's comment with no question, and yet you demand links from someone who is offending your dearest, SONY. They're the exact same comment.

I love you, N4G.

Vita and PS3 don't have much going on this holiday. Sorry.

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@ DragonKnight

M$ had a 3yr warranty and according to you they didn't admit there was a problem until 2 yrs in. That means all consoles were covered by this 3 yr warranty at that point.

And the PS3 failure rate is incredibly similar to the Xbox 360 failure rate, don't fool yourself. It's only on N4G where the PS3 never fails. How many times have your PS3 failed?

I've had 3 xboxes fail in 6 yrs and 2 PS3's fail in 1 year. W...

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Haha there's some great fanboy tears here.

Thanks for the laugh Catapus and christianart

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