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There's no other console anywhere close. And that's saying something considering I had more PS2's fail on me than Xbox 360's.

I'm most excited for next gen to see SONY move on from the mess that is the PS3 and focus on making the PS4 more like the behemoth that was the PS2.

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Yeah. Look at last gen. PS2 was king and Xbox wasn't even on the map.

For Microsoft to at least triple their install base is fantastic news for them, while SONY losing a third of their's is bad news.

At this point it doesn't matter if the PS3 sells 90 million and the Xbox 360 only sells 80 million. The real loser of this gen is the PS3. This is how its always been and as the article states, nothing has changed.

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Recent data suggest Microsoft has equalled the mighty SONY in the console race. Who would have thought that in 2005 when the PS2 was burning up the charts and Xbox was on life support?

SONY is going to look back at this generation as one big mistake. Let's hope PS4 can return the Playstation brand to its former glory.

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Forget about hardware specs...I'm most excited to see what PSN and Xbox Live (and their premium services)look like next gen.

I think that PS+ has forced M$ to come up with something special next gen. At the same time, with SONY hemorrhaging money you have to wonder 1) How much are they actually making with PS+ and 2) Will they be forced to charge next gen like Live?

I can't wait to see what they offer us

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I'm looking more at the 13 untitled, currently in development games from Microsoft's first party studios.

Are these games coming in 2013? Are they hardcore or Kinect? Are they for the 720? We don't know.

Either way 2013 is looking to be a great year for Xbox 360 owners.

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"You know what people are like these days towards Sony"

Uhh. Getting upset because mother-SONY is being wronged again?

You may be right with your idea though. Microsoft will take existent technology, innovate it and make it there own, and successfully market it and people WILL think that it is solely Microsoft technology.

Meanwhile, SONY will let there technology die and when you look to prove SONY did it first, people will have no...

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This game is far better than the TV show. I got all 5 episodes for $10 and I'm very much enjoying it.

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Horrible, 4 year old joke there...

It doesnt' really matter what the name will be. M$ will be hard pressed to name their console something worse than PSOrbis

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You've only bought one Vita? Shame on you

You are no real fan. Us Vita owners need to buy at least 2-3 to keep this handheld afloat.

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GamerDood proving yet again that you should read the article before you comment and save yourself from looking like an idiot.

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Great game, but sorry, anything that takes 2hrs to beat cannot be considered GOTY. Maybe DLC of the year.

I know this generation has seen a sharp decrease in singleplayer campaign/story mode. But come on, are we really going to support 2-3hr game lengths? I thought 8-10hrs was the bare minimum? Journey is one of my favourite games of the year, I just can't compare it to...more complete games.

IMO GOTY is a toss up between Walking Dead and Halo 4.

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I just renewed my annual gold subscription for $30. I wasn't too happy about it, but it's the best way to play multiplayer. Forget about most PS3 owners not having a mic, PSN is a gimped service compared to Xbox Live. Chat, Invites, UI, etc.

PS+ will force M$ to do better next gen. But until that time multiplayer gamers don't have a choice.

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So two N4G members state that the marketplace was having issues for 5 minutes. For 5 minutes these two were unable to purchase content. That's the extent of Xbox Live being "down".


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Just like when Sony announced the PS3-mote, I think if this gets announced all of a sudden on N4G this technology will be alright.

Sony fanboys. Hypocrites.

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"are you trying to say that because Move is a little similar to Wii controllers"

LMAO. Come on, buddy. It's the exact same thing.

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I'll be getting both:D

But seriously, this generation has been a HUGE success for M$ and a hard pill to swallow for SONY. Yes, even tho they are tied. If PS3 beats 360 by 10 million this gen it's still a huge success for Microsoft.

Playstation has been the king of the last two generations, while Microsoft was a nobody in the console wars until a few years ago.

You can bet Sony will be looking to forget about the PS3 as quickly as poss...

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Reach had some good qualities (Invasion is the greatest gametype ever), but I tend to agree with the majority. I didn't feel Bungie was giving it their all when developing Reach. Story, maps, multiplayer support...IMO all were seriously lacking in Reach.

And I agree with above, Halo 4 is easily one of the best games of this generation. Certainly one of the greatest in regards to longevity.


Bungie handed the reins over to 343 afte...

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I don't see how any level headed indivdual could believe otherwise. I mean, it's a really tough sell.

In 2005 the Xbox was a non-factor, now it has unseated the Playstation for brand recognition. The emergence of Microsoft in the console race, going from zero to hero, and Sony's fall from dominance indicate that next gen we'll see the gap between the two increase.

Not to mention Sony's troubling financial situation. Sorry, I don't care...

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I feel misled. When I read the title "Hero to zero" I assumed this was a blog about Sony's transition from PS2 to PS3.

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PS+ is a terrific deal for gamers and I HOPE Microsoft introduces something similar next gen to compete with the premiuim service.

However, PSN still has a ways to go before it can becomes a social networking tool, as Xbox Live is. The has nothing to do with free rentals.

I'll be finishing out this gen on LIVE, meanwhile, I have no reason to buy PS+ again since I've played those free games :|

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