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Yeah i'm so sad I play my vita everyday lol and the release game UC2 abyss is better than anything offered on any other handheld and that was just a launch title lol vita kz3, vita assassins creed, vita uncharted, vita soul sacrifice, new media molecule game ask say Hellooooooo so dad the person who's mommy didn't want to buy them a vita lol haha

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Kran ill take your word for it!!!!!

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Devilish i played crysis 2 mp for a few weeks then grew bored of it but hey i respect your opinion.

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Crysis 2 was so lame and boring that i will not buy another again. Too much hype, not enough substance imo.

And then they complain about the likes of Res 3 whos sp was ten times better than Crysis lol

Again read the dotted line...... this is only my opinion.

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I needed another action role playing fix after Dark Souls and alas i have found it. Sleeper indeed i didn't know anything about the game until recently.

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I dont really game on PC, but i am well aware of some of the great mods out there for games such as GTA4 and wish that consoles would some day have mods. As a matter of fact these same mods are tempting me to buy/or make a gaming rig. Some of that stuff looks insane.

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As usual with every and any COD release similar articles are released claiming the next COD is fresh and new. Do i really have to read the article after seeing countless videos and reading up on the game? Ppl so easily forget and are easily deceived but i dont forget. I know what to expect because ive been seeing it since MW2. Black ops if anything was a step back in many regards to me compared to mw2 yet they claimed the same things about black ops.

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Yeah sure they did smh.

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Damn i will have to get this today. Smh i didnt want to spend money on more games but wth i might as well.

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Knife fight why reiterate what i already stated? I stated it wasn't mandatory but their is a difference between something being mandatory and someone feeling mandated to get something because they will feel left out or are a diehard UC3 fan and want what others have to pay to get.

Your really not explaining anything that someone with common sense cant construe for themselves. So no disrespect but i feel your response was just a waste.

Either which way it...

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Its probably something to do with Vita which would be cool. One can only dream it can be something related to Gaikia implementation with Ps3 lol

By the way Ps plus is awesome lbp2 alone is worht the money. lol I never bought it but now me and my son because of ps plus play it religiously!!!!! Not to mention the other great games offered.

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Ps+ is well worth it

Uc3 Tournament system great idea but one cant help to see Sony/ND greed in implementing it this way and trying to sell those tickets. I mean one can only wonder how much money they made off of FHC already they should have made those tournament tickets free all around the board (10 tickets dont cut it if your lonewolf and end up on a loosing team. Not to mention half of the FHC stuff was redone crap such as weak characters (most of the models are trash). ...

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Being neutral doesn't mean i don't prefer quality lol smh the people on here. If i go by your logic i should have a Kinect in my house and a wii i game on a daily basis lol

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Here comes Captain Yabhero lol slobbing my knob lol hahahahahaha coming to defend Nintendo universe. Of course you would be monitoring the forum to see my posts and make your little blind and faithfull (to mediocrity lol)defense of the Mario universe lol

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Reverent no offense taken lol I actually agreed with you. Ill try better next time to disguise my foul language.

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Amphion!!!! bubble up you made me laugh so hard lol

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I mean in terms of xbox versus ps3 lol

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Ive heard alot of good things about this game. All my friends in the beta love it. Too bad im not in it grrrr.

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