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Downlaod the apk bro and playing it in the USA
i walked into a store and a pikachu showed up i nthe back lol

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Ummm the idk if you been watching videos. The Rx480 is stronger then the 1060 and it almost close to the 1080.

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.... Huge fan of Tmart.....
After this HE LIED AND LIED AND LIED AND LIED... The uploaded a video saying he thinks that Scummy and shit like that....
Only to be Exposed again and now. Today he will be uploading a video addressing this...
I dont know how anyone can defend someone who owned it from DAY 1.... and stil lie

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OMG yes star ocean 3 was AMAZING.
Boss battle were heard as shit.
Bosses had like over MILLIONS OH HP lol
God i miss that game

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I did not need to go any further after the first battle in the twn. The bad VOICE acting....
I have played every single Star Ocean and beat them... This one is trash and it will be a bargin game in 2 weeks

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Its an ALPHA lo lall the problem you speak off are alpha problems lol. Alo paragon is blowing up the MOBA scene lol

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I aint hating on console. But more the half of the xbox games cant even run a solid 1080 60fps and opt for 900p
So why would you want to upscale? No hate just facts

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I played the first 10mins of this game...... I just cant:(

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its coming to ps4 to

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What? i just seen another graph that had Playstaion sky high lol?

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^people like you who ruin the community just cuz its called CoD.... You sir are not a real Gamer :)

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No lol idiot.... They will either print them on recpit like gamestop has done before lol

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Take out Call Of Duty from the title and the hype for that game would have been INSANE. But because this is Call Of Duty, gamers still trash IT

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Yessssss driving 50miles to the nearst one. I just hope they have it set up in texas:( we never get cool stuff

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Soooo where are all the pc Nerds.
Who said this will never come to consoles;)
Seems toe they are hiding

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COngrats youre part of the 1% of the people playing 4k hahahhaha

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HAHAHA alot of PC masterpunks are mad hahahha

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How is it an oversight Nikrel.
uncharted collection is a good example that these guys are BSING

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