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Heartbreaker; signs all the way! :)

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interveiew from January... what a clickbait :)

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"The Witcher 3 draws it's inspiration from Games of Thrones, you can read the articles about it. Don't be ignorant. Thank you."

of course you can read articles about it because we have a lot of ignorants on internet :)

Game of Thrones: 2011-
The Witcher (1): 2007 (based on books from A. Sapkowski)

you are welcome :)

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" I am not that stupid, dear CD Project."
maybe... but you are ignorant for sure. The Witcher is based upon Polish novels about Geralt, the Witcher. This books are full of sex, gore etc. Game just stays true to lore from the books.

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not "they". just one developer said this about himself :)

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here it is:

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1. The Witcher 3
2. No Mans Sky
3. Rainbow 6

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yes, 10 exclusives per year... on PC you have hundreds exclusives per year :)

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third world dilemmas... it is so simple: if you have good PC, you have 1080p (soon 4K) + Better Gameplay. why choose if you can have both? :)

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if you are looking for the ultimate gaming experience - you will play on PC. if you prefer casual, simple gaming - then you need console.

i choose PC because of cheaper games, better controller (m+k) , much more exclusives and unmatched graphics. and if i think about the future of gaming i can't see it without 4K monitors, g-sync technology and Oculus Rift VR. can any concole beat it? no :)

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there are hundreds "must have" PC games :) if you are looking for graphic challenge i would recommend:
- The Witcher 2 (ubersampling!)
- BF4
- Crysis

and waiting for The Witcher 3 don't forget about Star Citizen. These two games will be graphic benchmarks for next 3-4 years.

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this list is a bulls*.JRPGs are not RPGs...

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The Witcher 3!

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1. The Witcher 3

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1. The Witcher 3
2. Watch Dogs
3. The Division

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i see you didn't play The Witcher 2

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so it's fine to show your family how you kill hundreds of people, animals and monsters but it's not fine to show them tits or sex? great family :)

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i belive it's possible, because PS4 is so much closer to PC than PS3 was. but - is this make a lot of sense to start (on PS4) with part 3, and after some time release part 2? not really...

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great choice CDP RED! if any game works on last and next gen = this is not next gen game. when a developer is saying they can make great experience for both generations i hear: "we wont more money, more money, more money! form both gen players!". trully next gen game is when you make game for next gen only. simle :)

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well, my first PC is weaker too. but can you say that PS3 is more powerful than your old PC? no? :)

i'm talking about what you can have today (maybe year ago) with 1,5 k $ in your pocket. that will be few times more powerful than "next gen" console.

i know they are people useing PC since 10 years to play web games etc. but if you are real PC gamer (not casual...) - you probably have much more than writing machine...

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