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CDP RED are one of few (maybe the only one ...) studios that don't care that much about political correctness and they do whatever they can to deliver great, adult game for mature audience.

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Witcher 3 was made by big studio...

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The Witcher 3, that is it.

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1.EVERY single mulitplatform game plays best on PC. That says something about PC...
2. There is whole genere missing on consoles - strategy games. From spectacular battles of Total War games, to intelectual challenges of Paradox grand strategy games.
3. There are good exclusives on consoles, but for every console exc I would like to play there is 10 amazing games on PC I would lose if I didnt have PC.
4. Games on PC have mods. You like XCOM 2? Check what incredi...

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It's about "best", not "bestsellers".

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This game is so beautiful - no need for RTX :)

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Idiot who wrote this stupid article counted on reaction I see in comment section...Don't let bad people play you out...

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Gaunter o'Dim is the one I will remember forever.

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"Cyberpunk 2077 Will Be Different From Grand Theft Auto"...

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It's happening!!!

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Don't belive this site, they are doing this for clicks. Polygon gave Witcher 3 also 7/10, so i think they cry for attention, or just don't like RPGs.

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To mr. Writer 85: http://store.steampowered.c...

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LOL. So they never heard about The Witcher 3... Sad.

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in case you wanna know the thruth :)

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1. Gaming News Story of the Year
- Konami kills MGS

2. Best New Studio
- -

3. Best New IP
- Dying Light

4. Best New Video Game Character

- Ciri (from Witcher 3)

5. Best Single Player Experience
- Witcher 3

6. Best Multiplayer Experience (Co-op counts!)
- Rocket League

7. Best Story
- Witcher 3

8. Best Sou...

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Now is over 200 :) http://gotypicks.blogspot.c...

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"Best Character

Winner: Geralt – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Runner up: Ciri – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt"

- not bad Witcher, not bad :)

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then you need to try TW3 :)

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"Today, we can easily say that the students have surpassed the masters, placing themselves firmly at the top of the RPG food chain."

that :)

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great review :)

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