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Nomad is my path!

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And they have exclusive content... Yay.. I guess that's the way to make money if you made medicore game.

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Those mfs want to sell the same game for the forth time!!! FY Rockstar/Take 2!

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That's what you need to do when you have weaker console in upcoming generation...

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If anyone can deliver this - its CD Projeckt Red.

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Can't wait for this masterpiece! For me Witcher 3 is the best game of the generation. Can they do even better?

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Finally available on the most efficient platform with the most beautiful graphics and the best control hardware. A little long wait, but only now, on the PC, I can play the best version :-)

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A: 1, 2, 3.
B: 1, 2, 3, 4. 4 - is the worst. You have here a really toxic group of Playstation fanboys, who are ready to destroy every positive news about Xbox. And it's crazy that 2179th article about how great is an anticonsumer policy of Playstation is hotter than actual news about games. Cutting all "opinion" articles would help a lot :-)

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It's funny how console exclusive games are prised by fanboys as the best ever. Then they come to PC and reviewers/gamers don‘t see anything special :)

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city looks empty...

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No. 1 -The Witcher 3. Excellent choise :)

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With no. 1 i agree completly (TW3), but on lower spots there are some controversial choices :)

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My most anticipated game of all time :)

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Now - thats proper review of the quality, not those kids whining about downgrade again, and again... Current built is upgrade over last one, not other way around.

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proper comparison:

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Since you don't understand simple facts (like: give developers freedom to choose what is best for THEIR game) - was part of your body also removed?

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Funny thing - this is not oryginal article; Gamepressure bought an old article from a few days ago, from a Polish "journalist" compromised in the Polish media ... LOL

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Full agreement, the arguments in the article are weak. I wonder if Epic is behind this attack?:

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