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Yeah, innovative... But no VRR, no Dolby Vision and no 1440p support... Maybe later, right?

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"The most powerful console in history" - it's true and it will cause pain in the ass of PS fanboys :-)

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I would switch RDR2 for Bloodborne, but Witcher 3 + God of War are sure there, in 3 the best games of the gen.

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RDR2 was beautiful but so boring... I liked authenticity, but I could't finish the game, cause I need the game to be fun.

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Just this 1 out of 10 where it is well introduced proves how this can make the game deeper. Have you played Witcher 3? I have never cared for the characters in a game as much as in the title; it was a great mature experience.

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So delaying the game and notifying everyone at the same time (including employees) due to publicly traded law is as much a crime as all the bs EA does? I can't even...

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"But I can only keep saying what I have been saying in the past: you guys have seen nothing yet."
There is no other developer I trust more so I am not worried at all.

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But unfortunately with 40-50% of gamers this is exactly what it is - ignorant, entitled children. They don't understand that not every idea is good enough to appear in the final product. Better let no one tell them that more than 90 minutes of action are recorded during the movies shooting :-)

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My golden rule - never pay for a game that was exclusive to any platform even for a moment. I do not support the unequal treatment of players. So, Rockstar with their policy of delaying the PC release by a year can kiss my a...

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If only it was Razer Deathadder - instant buy. DA is the only mouse I love to use.

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Wow, the girl voicing Judy Alvarez is gorgeous!
Also - gameplay probably comes from the new build, because it is even more beautiful than the same fragments from previous shows.

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4K version:

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Unfortunately, greatness requires sacrifice. Every job has periods of hard work, including overtime. Let's not pretend this is outrageous when it comes to game development, but in dozens of other industries - normal. In Poland, overtime is paid - 150% of the basic rate of a given job, and 200% over the weekend. In my team, some people even enjoy overtime on the weekend, because it increases the salary a lot. Of course, it would be nice if CDP RED gave employees a choice, but if they are o...

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Also on PC...

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You, blind fanboys of Sony, will never admit it, but MS great price just got us all a $ 100 rebate on the PS5 relative to their planned price ($ 599). Competition is good. If Microsoft were not there, Sony would have fckd PS fanboys even more than now (no backward compatibility, no equivalent of xbox pass, unoriginal exclusives, weak sequels, like TLOU 2).

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"no games announced that take full advantage of it."
The most anticipated game of 2020, Cyberpunk 2077? This game will use every available bit of RTX power :)

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IMHO, The Witcher 3 is the best RPG of this generation. If Cyberpunk 2077will be as good as TW3, I will buy multiplayer part at day 1.

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Not only "their" thunder. Nvidia destroyed both PS5 and XBOX SX. Both consoles are obsolete before they even arrived!

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How is it possible that for every anti-consumer practice by Sony, there is always a blind fool trying to justify it? "Oh yes Sony, take me from behind! Yes, pack me without rubber! I always wanted someone to ravage me, but I wasn't aware of it! Oh, it doesn't even hurt ..." :D

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