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But also the editor said that she usually has unrealistically high expectations for games and becomes disappointed after playing them; meanwhile, in relation to Cyberpunk 2077, these infinitely high expectations were met and even exceeded.
So maybe C2077 is just that good?
Also: she doesn't like driving in games - so she is not good to judge driving, but about other parts - she sounds pro.

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Me too - probably on Gforce Now to get full RTX.

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Ride a bike when a Ferrari just parked in the garage - I admire the commitment :-)

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If you would spend some time reading impressions of people who played the game, you would know that there are crowded places (especially at certain times), but there are also places and times where you won't see crowds (e.g. dangerous areas at night).

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Ladies - get ready :-)

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Dilemmas, dilemmas - shoot or cut?

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I don't know if virtual love is possible, but after watching a total of 3 minutes of gameplay with Judy Alvarez, I'm starting to believe it ... PS. Don't tell my girlfriend!

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You are so lucky! I will get only 4 days off, enough for a deep dive (50 hours - if I will quit eating, showering etc ;-) ), and then I will play after work...

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"Simply put, Night City is stunning, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen another video game city even close to it in scope or style. It’s gorgeous, rich in detail, and with a verticality and scale that’s genuinely amazing, all while still feeling like it could be a real place."

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"To avoid other games" - lol, nope :)
"I'm Not In Danger, Skyler I'am The Danger! (...) I'am The One Who Knocks!"

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I'm glad the leaked version doesn't work. CDPR invested a lot of money in the game (over $ 310 million = it's probably the most expensive game ever). If you could just steal the game now, what motivation would studios have to invest in huge and expensive open-world RPGs? My preorder is ready and I don't need a pirate version :-)

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To all those who say Dual Sense is amazing - have you heard about the lack of feedback from the D-pad? I advise you not to buy additional pads now, just wait for the revised version:

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To all those who say Dual Sense is amazing - have you heard about the lack of feedback from the D-pad? I advise you not to buy additional pads now, just wait for the revised version:

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Amazing that you can judge quality of a game after watching 1 min of highly compressed video captured from tv and uploaded to Twitter :-)
With a budget of around $ 317 million, this game is one of the most expensive games ever made:

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Achievements are more important on consoles because there are fewer games and they are more expensive, so the average user has far fewer games to play than the PC user. Less games = more time to max the games you own. On PC, many new games (and mods) are released every month, at better prices or for free (mods), so almost no one wastes time to max out achievements ...

PS. This may change on XSX - with game pass you will have a lot of games...

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I can not wait! I would prefer to play the game, of course, but if they need more time to offer players a refined product - I understand and support this decision. Such unusual RPGs happen 1-2 times for the entire generation - it's worth waiting for the perfect experience :-)

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No loading screens from CDPR - they have much better technology than Rockstar. In The Witcher 3 only fast travel beetween long distances required it. The same is to be in Cyberpunk 2077, so I see no reason why MP should have extra loading screens.

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Personally, I mostly play on PC, but looking at the hatred of Sony fanboys (there are many of them on this page) for anything that is not PS5, I automatically start cheering on XSX. Sony fanboys downvote everything that puts Sony in a negative light. Sony's recent defeats have changed it a bit, but only slightly:
- no PS5 support for 1440p
- no VRR
- lower PS5 performance compared to XSX
- slower loading times of games
- no Dolby Vision and Dol...

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They already tested it against Series X - every single time PS5 was slower...

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Yeah, next gen... But no VRR, no Dolby Vision and no 1440p support...

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