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Id say this is the best update weve had in the UK for at least 12 months!!!

Still nt tried either demo (downloaded overnight)but at least its something other than an add on for a game or a video trailer for something thats not out for ages

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Wireless USB mini keyboard and mouse FTW

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Some interesting comments...

Well im a PS3 owner and would probably agree that Live is better but then again its paid for so youd expect it to be?

I think the PS3 is slowley starting to catch up but bear in mind hasnt live been about aggeees compared to PSN.

I think if PSN does catch up or even pass Live then that will be a good thing for xbox and ps3 users... I mean how could microsoft justify charging for live if its not as good as psn which is free......

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Couldnt agree more!!!

Yeah it sounds cool and im disapointed in the way Europe is constantly shafted but at those prices I wouldnt use it anyway so im not bothered in the slightest on this one

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Word has it it will use the same engine as GRID and Dirt... if thats the case then its going to be far from a sim :(

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I'll believe it when I see it.

TBH I dont believe a word of the thing that Sony held it back for a big game launch... considering this was one of the criticisms of the system from day 1 youd think they would have implemented it a hell of a lot earlier to try and boost sales.

Saying that I really hope it does come!

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the whole iphone thing really bugs me...

my last 3 phones have been touch screen with inbuilt wifi, gprs and the ability to store 4 gigs worth of mp3's

infact my latest phone (tytn II) has inbuilt gps and 3g too and that was out before the iphone.

so yes how exactly is the iphone inovative seeing as I had a phone on a par to it 3 years ago and my current phone can do everything an iphone can and more and was out before it????

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same, i dont recall having a choice to let someone live or die :S

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In all honesty I dont care which version sells the most and I dont see why anyone else should have more than just a passing interest in this really.

As long as they make it for the console that im playing then im happy and that should be the case for every single one of you (providing of course you own either a PS3 or an XBOX 360)

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Ok so you could do one of those things if you had an xbox and chose not to install.

How many things could you do in GTA4 in the week where an xbox gets RROD and you have to send it away for a week?

Bit of a crap article really <rolls eyes>

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Agreed...tbh it started badly and tailed off from there...

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Yeah thats my exact thoughts...

I really hope home is good but as it stands im not holding my breath.

I really would like to see the online gaming aspect to be improved but If its case of having to walk to another building a few mins away would it not just be quicker to use a menu?

I hope im wrong and missunderstand that aspect of it mind

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lol how can you disagree with that? If you look at the pictures you can see it for yourself... read the comments and the guy who did the test says so too! lol

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it wasnt the store that bothered me... I could live with it being web based etc.

What did bother me was the crappy EU updates... no amount of polish can change that.

Hopefully they will pull there finger out after this update though

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I wasn't going to comment on this as I thought it was obvious but clearly not.

If you think of the way a CPU is set up on top of it is a heatsink. Basic physics say that as heat will always rise it is designed so the heat of the cpu will pass up through the heat sink where the fan will cool it.

By turning it upside heat will still rise... but as the heatsink is now under the CPU it wont pass through it and be cooled, instead the heat will try to pass through the moth...

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If you read the comments the SPL readings were taken directly by a vent on the PS3 and not by a vent on the Xbox so I dont think the articles readings were particularly fair or scientific

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love where he says "you can do a lot with it"

erm yeah you can make the fans come on... and errrm ... errm you can make an LED flash errm

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Nice, cant wait to try this!

Read something before about its not in sonys interest to have it due to playtv coming out but its entirely different imo... Yes playtv would be nice for watching tv and scheduling recordings etc (same as sky+ basically but freeview) but 4od, bbc iplayer and ITV's version are all fantastic for if youve missed something.

I can see its only really in the BBC's interest to sort it and also sonys interest if they want the PS3 to be a proper mu...

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Well I guess with this and getting GT5 Prologue earlier than the US (but still ages after japan)half makes up for the awful PS Store updates weve had for the last god knows how many months!!!!

Its not fun getting home from work on a Thursday to find all youve got a film trailer and some additional content you can buy for a game you dont have or want

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I gave up waiting and looked on ebay this morning... place exporting them for £27 inc postage which is going to be cheaper than they ever will be when they come out of here.

so I bit the bullet and should have one in 7-14 days and cheaper than they ever will be here in the UK

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