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Nevermind Fake News/Libtard NPC guard dogs like Atticus_finch. They are duller than Joe Biden:

These are all the Swamp clowns that the Anti-Trumpers have been supporting for the past 2 plus years

And THIS is their idea of an actual politician...Someone who was co...

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Gen Z??? So is that essentially all the stupid little 13 year old kids (particularly White Boys) on Call of Duty's servers that love to call crap and call everybody of every ethnicity the N word?

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First we were lectured about how Exclusive software is a non-factor...then at the same time lectured about how First-Party software is a non-factor...and now the lecture has morphed to how sales don't matter? (which of course wasn't the narrative when Xbox 360 launched a full year ahead of the PS3 and had the Global sales lead for a few years, but yeah nevermind stupid things like facts, right? ;)

If it weren't for the hype and constant media leaks about the new...

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theKiller better be sarcastic because Tifa and Aeris getting some hot one-on-one time together would be a good thing, not a bad thing.

And also the fact that Cloud cross-dressing isn't just another vapid virtue-signaling attempt to cater to the Alphabet Mafia/Leftist mobs of today because it was indeed a memorable scenario from the original game. (so hardcore FF7 fans like myself were looking forward to it being included in the remake)

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Perfect timing; The irony in how today I've been watching the entire latest season of South Park: "you gotta lower your ideals of freedom if you want to suck on the warm teat of China."

...When a cartoon does more for humanity than all the virue-signaling humans.

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1667d ago

^^^You guys know she's a bull dyke, right?

She wouldn't give you guys the time of the day, unless you were packing tuna in your drawers.

Edit @ Below:

LOL, come on man. If Vin Diesal couldn't get her to play for the right team, what chance do you have?

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"I'm done lol."

Is that a promise???

Why would Playstation fans complain about this? I know I wouldn't, if anything just because I don't want to be selfish and take away any of the nay-saying material from all the Xbox sycophants that already seem to be flooding in at this point.


I thought you were done? Are you that salty about this news?

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You forgot deception and misleading the public.

I love watching that Xbox One TV commercial that shows quick 4 second clips of Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5, Battlefield Hardline, and Batman Arkham Knight. Two exclusives and two multi-platform games, and yet at the end of the commercial it clearly says "The best Exclusives of 2015 are live on Xbox One"

Clearly only half of those games they showed in that commercial were really Xbox One exclusives....

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This article is the most desperate piece of hyperbolic tripe i've seen in quite some time. It may be an opinion, but it is quite the grasping opinion.

If only I could get my click back.

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@ telekineticmantis

Microsoft Xbox sycophants calling anyone else a hypocrite is just the pothead calling the kettle a crackhead.

Case in Point: how many official price cuts have Microsoft made to the Xbox One so far? At least two. Xbox One has had a few price cuts and it was only released one week after the PlayStation 4. But when that happens, all the Xbox fanboys say it is because Microsoft "cares about gamers and their audience".

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Stop sucking your thumb, take your thumb out of your mouth, and wake the hell up...and I say that assuming that Troll sleeping hours are no different than common, non-troll human sleeping hours.

I apologize in advance if you are a natural Troll and require 18 hours of sleep a day.

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"What's going on with Sony and all these layoffs lately?"

I don't know, but why don't we just take these RUMORS - which is brightly and apparently portrayed in the title - and just accept them as pure, undeniable gospel. /s

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Totally pathetic. BloodBorne is produced by SCE, so T.S. for all these PC gamers that supposedly feel "betrayed".

But just to show that I'm not too insensitive, Let's all have a moment of silence and play a little violin for all those poor little Alpha PC gamers that NOW realize that buying a $400 game console over a $1000+ PC rig has it's definite advantages...

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Well at least for the Playstation-owning audience, that shouldn't be an issue; Sony has already made comments about the affordability of the "Morpheus" VR being a top priority right out the gate.

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Given recent N4G trends, I was expecting to see the title read: "Uh Oh! PS4 Exclusive Uncharted 4: Why it was Delayed, and Why it Signals the Decline of the PS4! (And why an Uncharted Trilogy Remaster Signals the Decline of the Gaming Industry)"

All the while Gears of War, Alan Wake, and Halo: Reach Remaster rumors signal nothing but joy and proliferation for the gaming industry, right??? /s

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Do you know what a calender year is? It is January 1st - December 31st.

So no you're wrong. PS4 has technically only been available for one calender year and four months.

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That is a great idea, but does the raqe quiter's character just fall over and die or is there some kind of actual fatality that performs on the rage quiter?

if so, Quitalities wouldn't get old if they are different for each character.

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"Jalva" that some kind of foreign word for "Cherry-Picking".

If it is, you certainly exemplify the word very well.

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