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How about y’all stop banning accounts because some users say things that don’t align with your moderators personal politics? I know that has happened in the past and there’s not a dang thing they can do about it because no dares question mods judgement.

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What is the point of being “dead silent” if you’re running around alerting every enemy around you with a high pitch noise!? First, timed perks and now this. Wtf are you thinking, IW?

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That’s it?! This seems rather insignificant for a “10.00” update.

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Played it for about an hour then took it back Gamestop for trade in. It sucks donkeyballs compared to the other Saints Row games. What in the world are they thinking when they decided no cheats!?

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I’m starting to feel like this game is Vaporware. Been following it for what seems like a decade.

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Why? It DOES look better. Obviously, that doesn’t mean it’s a better game, but UE5 visuals are top dog, right now.

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You people submitting these biased fake reviews should be ashamed.

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Social Justice site has no credibility. Give it up already.

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Lol at these random generic sites trying to make a name for themselves by reviewing it so low. Especially when the same sites have great reviews to games that are widely known to be mediocre.

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Tell me you're a desperate ass company without telling me you're a desperate ass company.

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*Sees Sony announce a AAA Horizon Zero Dawn VR game*

*Has idea to write story about there’s no AAA VR games being made *

Clown shoes, bro.

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Maybe she just didn’t deserve a promotion. You know, call me crazy, but just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she deserves one. There are such things as entitled undeserving employees.

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He was paid to be there. Microsoft trying everything they can to look relevant.

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I was already upset that they removed some cheats. But them taking out the “spawn jet pack” cheat from San Andreas was the final straw. I know I’m weird.

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Oh, so it’s the same exact ones from the majority of all the other CODS!? Where is the originality and new ideas? FFS.

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I agree with you on all that.

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PS fan here. But Forza looks better than this. GT looks unchanged for years. Forza looks like they copied DriveClub, which, that was even better than GT, imo.

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PS fan here. Todays SOP was a snooze fest.

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Well then, you must’ve watched the wrong clip.

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