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What else could it be? No seriously. Fanboy glasses aside. More polishing? Adding 4D support maybe? What could make them move to December?
GotY. . .but which year?

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What in the world are they doing?? Wait a sec, do you. . .do you smell that? SNIFF SNIFF...is that ? Is that. . . .kinect fear? Is that kinect fear im smelling? OMG! It is! Kinect Fear!! SONY has Kinect Fear. Aww there there Sony, don't be afraid, it will be ok. Your fanboys will protect you, wont you boys?

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Lol lol lol! Wow. Now thats classic!

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Microsoft Games Studios has one

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Lol. Delaystation . . . . . . . .sorry, there's been a delay. . . . . . . . . 3

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The same people that claim not to care about Kinect. . .or sales. Wierd

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I'm more excited to see this leave Move in the dust and fanboy reactions than I am about the games

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N4G thinks its cool to hate what everybody love, they think it makes them sophisticated. Thats why they hate CoD and Halo. Thats why they love everything PS3, because it does not sell so it must be hardcore

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I seem to recall similar arrogance
with a certain last place console
when it released. Seems being
number 1 during a generation gets
to people's heads.
I'm actually gonna go with PSP 2 on
this one, I can't stand it when people
start believing next gen doesn't start
until they say so.
History will repeat itself, the mighty have fallen and will fall again

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Not just for the 1st year or so, the whole time its out and all the games too. We do not want to see PSP-HD remakes.

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. . .what?

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Unsuprisingly because this is n4pscrybabies and right no cue, here come the tears and the excuses. Why are ps3fanboys(i'm already a self confessed fanboy, no need to point this out) so obsessed with KINECT SALES when they claim to not care about kinect or any sales articles? Wierd

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EA backed the wrong horse on this one. You do not make an fps and put xbox 360 on the back burner. . .you'll fail.

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This thing ain't ever coming out! Not even if there's a fire!!

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Either commercially or critically. Personally I hope it bombs commercially as well but in this shooter centric generation thats unlikely. EA better stop backing the last place horse though
That was way too much trolling even for me

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Now I've heard it all.

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But I guess thats when they're super right? When the exclusive they're making is for PS3

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NERD RAGE!! And death threats. Lol lol lol. Oh yeah, PS3 gamers are so much better.
Lmao! Seriously though, guys gaming is great, truly is, but women are better, really, trust me they are. I know most of you guys want to bear your ps3's children but it's not gonna happen.
Instead, go out, get a job, get a girl, settle down and try not to rage when she hides your ps3
1.Xbox =/= xbox 360
2. Xbox 360 gamer was killed by someone robbing him.

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