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Imbecile Black Ops is multiplatform.

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So? Only us Internet Nerds take part in those dumb wars. Marcus getting Heavy Cash he can afford all of them he dont care about ''Teh Warzzz''

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Pretty Good review. I'll mostly pick this up when the price goes down.

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The Demo Was amazing but now I ask myself Why is the Game So Short? Bayonetta doenst have a Multiplayer mode but yet the game is atleast 8-10hours of campaign itself.

but 4-6 Hours ? what in the world! I would never spend 59.99$ on a Game like that.

And I was so hyped for this! I'll get a Used copy for cheap in a few months.

edit @ Zatrox

No I played it alot more but I'm scared of Purchasing a game that short for that ...

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I've been telling the lames that bayonetta is a great game for months now but they've been conditioned into ''not liking'' any game that isnt exclusive to their console. Unlike them, Jeff is a Great dev and enjoys gaming as a whole and reconize great game and gives props where due. Bayonetta is from the people that brought us Games like Devil May Cry from the old ps2 days. To be Fair I'd say bayonetta is a bad game aswell if Had to play the Sega version of the game...

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Am I the only one seeing a huge Bayonetta KnockOff here? I know i'm gonna get alot of heat from the Lames but CMON NOW just look at those everything screams Bayonetta in those Screens.

Malicious (notice the focus of this Character is her Scarf is usable as a Weapon)

VS Bayonetta

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it's bias speaking. It's the lames we're talking about afterall!

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Capcom need to take America's D.... Out they A....

NA MEAN? It's gettin A tad bit annoying.

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lmao @ buying1999

It aint even that serious. Dont let the lames get to you.

topic: One is Pale as hell and the other one is Vibrant in colors.

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Hello Games: “Sony Fanboys are the Best Fanboys”

they'Re the Lamest aswell.


get at me.

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lmao wtffff how can they screw a rap game that much!

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damn Reach !

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They could be lying Indeed but They dont even hold kinect pre-orders anymore at my EbGames because there's alot of demand. We we're joking about it the other day at the store with the clerks.

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You're playing the Wrong games mate! Get some good ole Rpg's and you'll be in for a ride till the end. I'm Finishing my Tales of Vesperia Copy I'm at 40 hours!!! Get a Platinum game to you'll enjoy it most probably.

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depending on the games I skip cutscenes or watch them.

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how can you Test somebody aggressiveness at a research study seriosly?

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here'S the desings for some new characters yall can vote and all that

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