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best open world race.

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This comment will need a do-over.

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You mean exclusive content? Why Sony fanboys always say MS only throws around money and buy out everything, yet Sony the one desperate.

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Proof of 80 million online playerbase?

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Delusions on N4G. The PS4 Reddit where there's a much larger PS fanbase seem to actually like it.

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Sony fanboy agendas change quick around here. One moment they don't care about Xbox, next moment they want policy changes.

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Derpy derpy, I play Metacrit scores.

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Can't wait for PSN to get hacked again.

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Everyone on xbox that played a BF already has live. PS has the the largest solo/offline playerbase.

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Exclusive on UpscalestationPro

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What about the not white- domestic -not terrorists events that take place in like Chicago everyday well before Trump showed up? There's a bit of gun violence, but not "mass" like public gathering multiple casualty kind of shootings taking place.

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^again like every company

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No, this confirms how low people in this site can be though. Nice try though.

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Ace, how can something "feel" like trash without playing it. But if it's just not your type of game, just say it's not your type of game.

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No Mans Sky turned out well.

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Please take a moment to state some of those records Sony has broken left and right?

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Yet before the Pro and X, we wouldn't find tools like you on Digital Foundry articles downplaying zoom eyes for PS. Don't worry though, everyone knows majority play multiplats, and where those games will run better. Like Red Dead Redemption.

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