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If I played ME1 on the PC, will I be able to bring over my character to the 360 in ME2?

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Why do Sony fanboys have such an inferiority complex? You guys get all giddy when moronic Sony execs and developers play to insecurities and claim the PS3 is the most powerful 4D gaming machine ever, and that their games wouldn’t be possible on any other machine. How many times have we heard this before? And why is it that you guys need to feel the PS3 is so superior? I can understand Xbox fanboys a bit better because you Sony fans have been dumping on the 360 and predicating PS3 dominance si...

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If the 360 is a sinking ship for being out sold by the wii, what does that make the PS3 what's being out sold by the 360. But perhaps that concept is too complicated for you to comprehend.

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That was one of the dumbest rants I've heard on this site; and there are a lot. I suppose the superior PS3 architecture is the reason why GTA IV runs at a lower resolution on the PS3 than it does on the 360. Get a grip on reality: more developers are having harder time developing for the PS3 than the 360.

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but if this story is indeed true, I hope we can finally put to rest that the PS3 isn't superior to the 360, and vice versa. They're about equally powerful, both with their strengths and weaknesses. The fact that to some, the PS3 version looks sightly better, but runs at a lower resolution should be evidence of that.

I do think it was a mistake by MS to not make the HD standard on the 360. The pop-in issue and sightly longer load times could have been eliminated if a good portion ...

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Issues such as slowdown, graphical hitches, and stuttering are much bigger issues when the game is bad or just average, but when a game is really good, those intermittent problems don't seem as bad.

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I think close to 10 million

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The Round Peg totally owned you. Take it like a man instead of a whiny kid. First you go on to attack MS and Toshiba for their "shady" practices then complain about peg's response saying I was talking about Stringer, then go on to attack peg personally...first sign you have no intelligent response. Companies are companies and are going to promote their own products, but Sony talks out of their ass so much it make me laugh, yet you Sony supporters lap it up like mindless drones, and ...

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Sonic only went to other platforms after Sega became a software only company. The Saturn was dead so they needed platforms to develop for.

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PS3 fans keep crying about how 360 games don't bring anything new to gaming. Does it have to bring something new to gaming? 360 games are fun and solid plain and simple, and that's why they're getting good reviews.

Please tell us what's new and innovative about Killzone 2, MGS4 or GT5. Just curious.

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If this is true, Sony is realizing that they can't keep letting the gap between the PS3 and 360 widen. I think Sony is afraid that more exclusives will jump ship because of the 360's install base, and the fact that the games attach rate for the 360 is much higher than the PS3. If you're a game developer, you can't ignore those facts.

@ #4: the PS3 sales are not neck and neck with the 360. They dominate the 360 in Japland, but considering the PS3 isn't selling all that well the...

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so by your logic, the 360 is better than the PS3 because it's cheaper, and the Wii is the best because it's the cheapest of them all.

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This game is just like Tomb Raider except the main character is a guy (not that that's a bad thing). I can't comment on the story, but the graphics a a bit better than TR. PS3 fans complain about the lack of innovation of 360 games, but where are the innovations of the PS3 games? Killzone 2 is just a FPS, HS is just an average 3rd person hack and slash with nice graphics and loads of cut scenes, and this is just another adventure in the jungle in 3rd person.

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Not as bad as how you feel about getting screwed by Sony. I can tell because All you Sony fanboys being so interested in the 360 is a clear sign of your insecurity. Cry and moan all you want if it makes you feel better: it's not convincing anyone who owns a 360 because we know we have the better games, and all the experts agree.

Hope you enjoy your wait.

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It's so obvious they're jealous of it's success. All their great games that they said would show the superiority of the PS3 have been average so far and the 360 games keep getting super reviews. Now they're back to saying "just wait till....". If you were an early adopter of the PS3 paying over $600 I think we'd be a bit peeved too.

I'm enjoying great games right now on my original 360...never had a problem. If the PS3 comes out with that great game Sony's been promi...

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I don't know about you, but when I buy a gaming console, I want games to play with it; today, not a year from now. And if the PS3 finally comes out with a game I want to play, then I'll buy it, and for probably less than half the cost of what you paid. And while you're waiting for 4D graphics, I'll be having fun playing games like Halo3, which is what a GAMING console is for.

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You Sony fanboys are really pathetic. You guys wanted Halo 3 to get poor reviews so badly, but now that it's getting great reviews and living up to the hype, unlike Sony's "AAA" games, it's killing you. I bet some of you even cried. Grow up, it's just a video game. Go play Heavenly Sword...oh I forgot, with only 6 hours of average gameplay you probably finished it the first day so I guess you have nothing else to do but cry at all the 360 news.

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You really should seek some help. This is after all game systems we're talking about, not decisions on life and death. As for counters, GT5 and Forza 2 are different games. One is a simulation with real physics and damage and the other an arcade racer. A better comparison would be PGR4 and GT5. There I've heard the car models are better on GT5, but the environments better on PGR4. I've also hear PGR4 has damage, but haven't heard of any for GT5. As for the other games, you're using hearsay a...

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shows how defensive you are about the PS3 performance so far. So which Sony exclusives are so much better than the 360 exclusives. And stop talking about games that are GOING to come out. You've never played them so saying how great they are doesn't mean a thing...Lair for example with all it's hype is getting average scores...but that's because the reviewers hate Sony right.

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"while everyone who publishes now for the PlayStation 3 with the exception of Sony has been developing for the PlayStation 3 for only a little over one full year"

Didn't EA have at least 2 titles for the PS3 launch last November? I find it hard to believe that EA only spent a few months porting the games over. And let's not forget the PS3's launch was delayed so that's even more time developers had. Let's all be honest, developers have had the PS3 dev kits for close t...

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