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lol, I remember when the ps3 was announced sony fanboys always talked up how they had Nvidia to back themselves on graphical power and how AMD was complete garbage.

Now that its AMD being used and Nvidia say's its going to be bad, the droids say Nvidia is a loser and needs to stop crying it didn't get the deal.

Its so pathetic I can't stop laughing.

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lol look at the sony drones, saying they don't care how it looks even after years of saying how ugly the 360 is..


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Ahhha, that's supposed to be good.

Oh that's classy..

Love seeing 5 year old PC footage and old ass hardware.

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You mean Pre-render bullshots just like killzone 2 and Motorstorm was for the ps3.

I actually hope you idiots continue to think all these videos are real and when they turn out not to be, watch you all say things like "well its better than xxxxxx" but it will never be 5 years within PC.

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Running 240 mods right now.

No problems, you are just terrible with computers.

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I'll be sticking with the side that always wins.


Don't need the generic "exclusives" any of the consoles have.

Would be nice actually if there was anything worth having on console. but again all generic garbage.

*Edit Below*
Uncharted, I'd rather not play another really generic Platforming action game
Halo/Killzone, I'll stick with better shooters that aren't filled with 10 year...

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Oh no, a Personal opinion that you don't agree with.

Better use all your fake accounts to disagree.

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Decrypt, My old 955BE with its 6870 is more powerful than the ps4.

Consoles are a complete joke.

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Anyone expecting this system to run for lass that $600 is pretty crazy.

Especially since the wii-U is $349.99.

The blind are stupid, and it seems console gamers are pretty darn blind.

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How quickly people forget about the bullshot videos for Motorstorm and Killzone.

Ironically not a single game ever looked that good on the system since release.

Now you all are expecting them to actually look this good. Its funny, and must be nice being so blind.

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I don't see much progress when its using PC parts from 3-5 years ago.

And if you don't know its using a AMD processor.

The same company many of you kiddies always insult when it comes to Radeon/Nvidia Intel/AMD.

Also just a FYI, it has half the caching of a 2008 Phenom II processor. Its nothing special, especially since its combining everything onto one chip making it work harder.

And that is if its L1 cache per core ...

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What? like actually putting it to use as a OS should be?

Or just using it like a average user to check there email and facebook status.

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Not very beasty as my cheap PC still beats it and its running on old hardware.

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M2 because you cited Wikipedia, Which is a User Generated website.

So its not actual "fact, facts."

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Really? where you getting this from, cause consoles sure didn't use the mighty cell to keep up with PC games that are 6+ years old.

heck they couldn't even Run ARMA II, not to mention games like Dirt 1 still look better on PC then most new console games.

The problem here is you are all idiots who don't understand basic computing.

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Nope doesn't look very good at all.

I'll stick with PCars for looks and iRacing for physics.

Of course the ps4 doesn't look to bad, Seems like the specs are finally catching up, Glad to see they are abandoning the proprietary Architecture, only means easier programming and integration from PC side to console.

A big plus to me.

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The question should be, should consoles exist in the first place.

Answer is no.

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Big announcement is the downsizing of everything they have to make up for the loss of a terrible console.

Also 10k TV market release.

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Picked up Rocksmith for my PC..

Always loved the rockband games but Rocksmith is way more enjoyable.

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There is a reason no one is agreeing with you..

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