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It looks like I am going to buy myself a new PSP this year!!

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The PSN will overtake XBL soon enough,and it's free!!

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LOL Lost Planet 2 will be released for the PS3 around the same time the Xbox 360 version of Lost Planet 2 is released.

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LOL Another cry baby? Just STFU and don't make games for the PS3,I will be too busy playing quality PS3 exclusives anyway!!

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I want it to be Friday already,I can't wait to play Killzone 2!!

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I hope Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas Stories comes out for the PSP,It would sell alot of PSP's and I would buy it on day one of it's release!!

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I can't wait for SONY's E3 2009 presentation!!

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I voted for Uncharted 2,I'm looking forward to all the PS3 exclusives this year and next,but I'm looking forward to Uncharted 2 a bit more because Uncharted 1 was a blast to play and the graphics were sweet!!

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Nai is calling others fanboys? LOL He/she/it needs to look in the mirror before calling others fanboys.Back on topic,Killzone 2 is going to own,the multi-player looks so awesome.Killzone 2 is only four days away,I can't wait!!

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Please make the Xbox 720 reliable Microsoft,and be sure to pump out quality games.

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Does it even matter? The first Lost Planet sucked big time,feel free to disagree Xbox fanboys.

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The PS3's cell is superior to the Xbox 360's CPU,just look at all the games that wouldn't be possible without the PS3.Killzone 2 is a good example.You guys can disagree all you want,it doesn't change the fact that the PS3 has the better looking games.

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Nintendo doesn't talk crap because their console and games are just that,crap!!

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LOL funny comment,so true.

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Killzone 2 is only five days away,I can't wait,I will play Killzone 2 until Infamous is released in May!!

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LOL funny stuff,Killzone 2 is only five days away,I can't wait!!

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I agree,they should all just buy a PS3 and enjoy online gaming for free!!

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It's all good,the PS3 has more than enough games this year to keep us all busy until God Of War III arrives.

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God Of War III is going to be awesome and is going to sell alot of PS3's,I can't wait!!

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LOL Microsoft always make bad decisions,SONY will show them who's king again this gen.

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