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Not a complaint, I just find their claims about the longevity of this game exaggerated and pointless. This isn't a MMO game, I want to hear how fun the game is, how good the story, the quality of the side quests (which was not good in DL1). 500 hours playtime and 5 years of support seems both hyperbole and is pointless if the game's mediocre!

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wow chill people, I am not 'complaining' I just find their claims a little bit exaggerated and funny. 500 hours and 5 years are the stuff of MMO games and the likes not a single player zombie game.

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So 500 hours of playtime over 5 years ? for a zombie game? 😅

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That's why he said "in other words" and not "literally" .

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BF1 gets the 'feel' of a WW1 game really well. The play in the trenches, soldiers screaming while charging, the weapons sounds is excellent, mortar attacks coming down...I don't know if that's grounded or not but it's a lot freaking better than the hovercrafts climbing all over the buildings in 2042! BF2042 just don't have an identity, it's very bland, boring lifeless maps, the "specialists" with their weird accents and ridiculous quotes...

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I think it's reasonable to expect story content/campaign to be available at launch.

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Ridiculous score.

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I will keep my excitement in check.

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CDPR confirms 2022 has been delayed to 2023.

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Nah, there is no denying how corrupt and insanely agenda-driven the critics have become. If you don't believe that you are naive.

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how do know? lol, Mafia 3 is an awful game. The fact it got 20 "positive" reviews on MC is impressive. Swap the black main character with say...that white dude from Days Gone and the score would be in the 50s.
Also, there is nothing novel about Deathloop. It's extremely boring and repetitive. It's not even as good as Dishonored!

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black main characters will definitely earn you extra 1 or 2 points among critics.

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game looks great but the title is silly

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I don't regret buying or playing Death Stranding but I don't want more of it to be honest.

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I disagree. The characters are insanely annoying (especially Shionne and Rinwell) and the dialogue is awful. The English voice acting has to be one of the worst out there.
The gameplay is very tedious, enemies are damage-sponge they just don't die. Dungeons have zero challenge to them, no puzzles, nothing clever you just go from point A to point B. The world also doesn't feel 'whole' without an overworld every city/realm is basically connected in a very weird way. Th...

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tried the cold steel games, could never get into it. just too slow paced.

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Every culture is different. That kind of thing is normal and acceptable in most of Europe and USA but it's not in places like China, Russia, ME etc

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experience points? money? healing items? materials for crafting? this is the worst kind of DLC.
Give us more content, more story, more bosses etc.

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You don't know that and it's really not a nice thing to say.

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