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Meh, it's just a Twitch clone. It even as a similar layout. You don't beat Twitch by being just like them.

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PS3 only does everything.
PS4 only does everything else (which isn't a whole lot).

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It wasn't worthy of game of the year last year and it's no this year either. The game is overrated and mediocre.

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I hope 4 is the last one (at least with the current characters). If they make Uncharted 5 then at least let it have a whole new cast rather than just milking the ones they have. They apparently have no problem doing it with the last of us so they should do the same with Uncharted.

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He was a good protagonist and luckily the game wrapped up his story. Now they can create a new story with a different character. I wouldn't want a sequel with Aiden again because they would likely just milk it and completely ruin his character.

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A LittleBigPlanet by NOT Media Molecule?

I'll pass.

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I guess it could benefit Kojima since he has been wanting to retire for a while and since he's intentionally making this game shit with all of his decisions then it's good news for him. This way he can retire by just crapping all over the franchise so people wouldn't want anymore rather than just trying to leave it on a good note like he tried to do in the past.

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Trade in a game and lose money to buy the same game you just traded in.

People are actually stupid enough to do this.

Remastered games this gen are a waste of money. Last gen was actually worth it because you got those games in HD for the first time and the jump in graphics was a big deal when going from PS2 to PS3.

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Oh look, more "Destiny is doomed" articles. I guess you have to make these now that Destiny is closer to Playstation.

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Too bad EA has no games worth playing.

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They'll probably just show some gimmicks and more "remastered" games.

Nothing new or interesting will be shown.

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It's Bungie. They know what they're doing.

Every game will have its haters regardless (although most of the haters are likely just old butthurt fanboys that played Halo and was disappointed when 343 took over to ruin it so now they have to try and convince themselves that 343 is doing a better job with Halo).

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Good thing the size of each location is more than the size of Halo: Reach.

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The point is that it's a beta and people just want to explore and try to see everything the beta has to offer. There were some new enemies on the moon if you explored (like the shrieker). The deeper you go inside the moon, the more it looks like a dungeon out of an elder scrolls game.

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It's definitely better than the recent Halo games.

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Raise your middle finger if you don't care about these blog "articles".

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Here is a way to get to the glitch without the help of others.

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A movie for an overrated game that turned out to be mediocre. It looks like they'll make movies based on anything these days.

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