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I think that fucker is talking about the "last of us", since its brand new IP,AAA... plus Today i read a news that TLOU reached 3.4 million copies sold... seems like a reactionary tweet

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.... english is not my mother language... so I apologize for my bad english, tough i made my points clear deal with them and be happy.

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Wiiu can not succeed because :

the console does not add a significant leap in technology, tough nintendo fans says "but but nintendo is not about graphics is all about gameplay..." well with that argument people are trying to justificate nintendo's gimmicks

the console will bring to us a plethora of hd remakes and remakes of remakes of remakes and then some shitty games like mario land ,mario tenis, mario baseball, mario football, mario party 15...

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Terrible device in general companies like nintendo hurt the handheld devices status, companies that do not change with times do this to the consoles markets. it s just time before smartphones and tablets eat this devices since they are becoming a niche.

Nintendo must change their startegie

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... no one is saying that the game is playing on the vita it is obviusly via remote

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at least! common sense in a post... am i dreaming?

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my gos tehres so much manipulation of the information in thus post yiu cant comapre this games graphics between the two handhelds damn you kotaku

Theres 2 posibilites for this post

The autors of this post are mentally handicaped or are completely ignorant about the two handhelds

The autors of this post have been bought by nintendo to say this crap

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haha totally true :)

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This kind of posts are becoming really anoying. I dont have too much to say just enjoy your tablet i guess...

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i came to see this video...

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They are going to release for the vita

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The vita is not dead sony's systems always have been long runners in the gaming world just give time to the system, it is not like nintendo they reach peak at the very beggining of the coimpetition then people get bored and discover that in fact all their products were another gimmick like the wii and the ds. And you know what happens next? people then buy a sony system =)


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ay dios mío! i feel bad for you sir =(

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i feel bad for you :(

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Goddamn this is big news, definitely not a game for the mainstream but it is a system seller for a niche

going for it

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I think that it is the result of exhausting the actual generation and they still want to bleed consumers 1 or 2 years more

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if there issomething i know from sony is thatthey are stubborn they are not pice droping their new handheld instead they would prefer to price drop the memory cards ir include them in bundles that is it

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do not expect 200 disagrees you are not that especial

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i would use it since i only use my ps vita at home

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I agree with you i do have an smartphone so for me is not a bid deal too tough this machine is so powerful and capable of doing things like web browsing theres no point to add a web broweser that is not funtional on a system in the first place.

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