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lol some site just lost their credibility.

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Uncharted is amazing. Even after KZ2 is released it will be the third best looking game this gen.

1. KZ2
2. Gears of War 2
3. Uncharted
4. Gears of War

I'm expecting GOW3 (God of War) and Uncharted 2 to make my eyes bleed (in a thats just too pretty way).

Tomb Raider looks a bit more real color wise but it is still shattered by uncharted.

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LittleBigPlanet is so awesome. A Disney pack would be cool, vast universe and possible level selection.

I hope capcom jumps on the LBP content wagon.

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wow I liked the demo, it was alright. I may pick this up once I 100% R2. Good game for January, February will be all KZ2.

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lol Fable 2 9.8? lol

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Its not as casual as one might think by looks alone. Acing certain levels can be quite difficult and the creation mode has a hefty learning curve.

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Looked good at first but I saw an HD cutscene video and some of the elements were very poor looking. I will still pick it up with good reviews but I don't think it'll do too well.

Was excited for awhile but it lost me.

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Gamers need to pick this game up. It is getting praise everywhere and if you actually read the reviews it comes on top this holiday season. It has improved the FPS formula and is the only sequel this holiday to really improve upon the original.

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I liked number scores but now they are ruining gaming.

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R2 won't reach Halo like following. However that doesn't mean R2 isn't better than Halo.

EVERY SINGLE big name game is popular because of its casual base, not its hardcore base.

Sony would need to pour millions and millions into an ad campaign. Right now it is just to much for them.

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I think reviewers are giving Gears 2 a pass on some issues but this score is more accurate.


100 and even 95 is cutting it close.

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Looks like both systems have their gritty shooter hits this holiday.

EDIT: I will say though I think the reviews have decided to write off some of Gears 2s issues, I expected that though.

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EA seem wary of it. Not much advertising from them yet. I'm sure they are waiting for reviews.

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Well console OS aren't too big, not like it is sharing with a RAM guzzler like Windows. Still 1gb would have been nice. I am expecting 4gb next gen.

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Its like Valve are stuck in 2004, Zombie shooter won't cut it.

Still I want to see reviews, it could be good but story wise is sounds bad, concept is old.

Looks fast paced though,thats a good thing.

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It may get a port, valve have not rejected the idea this time around.

I want to see reviews, I don't understand why L4D is such a big deal. It looks rather bad (Valve, its new engine time)and the gameplay seems fast but very simple and even co-op lacks any real strategy.

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Failed to mention lighting differences and texture differences. Both of which are in the PS3s favor.

I would have taken AA over them though.

It is a non-EPIC made UE3 game, it doesn't look all that great graphically. Might as well used the Bad Company engine which was the same across platforms.

It is close though, EA is doing well. Not as good as Dead Space but still good.

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so now you are the authority, after denying this person?


Both look fine, DICE mentioned in an interview that the cell was helping texture resolution so the PS3 textures may be better, unconfirmed though.

Personally I just want to see DICE implement some QAA or 2xAA on PS3. It seems that UE3 on 360 can do AA now but ps3 doesn't yet. It would be nice.

Both consoles use different lighting. Impressions so far seem to be the 360 lighting hurt...

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Selective AA in both versions. More in 360 but only in one of the shots.

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Quality isn't good enough for a real comparison but from whats here it looks identical.

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