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Even MS is trolling!

If Home is 2005 tech the Avatar system is 2001.

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N4G I am actually a bit surprised! Where are all the uninformed people saying "Ha I knew this would happen!"

Guess people actually understand what first party means now.

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What a fool.

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Sad, plenty of media sites are even recommending R2 over Gears 2.

Good games don't always sell like they should.

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sales =/= game quality

Don't even get me started.

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ND is owned by Sony...

Level 5 Exclusivity isn't impossible I suppose.

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IGN has been bad these past weeks, ya ignore the major titles that hit PSN like Wipeout HD and Siren, both basically disc quality games only available via PSN.

PixelJunk Eden and PixelJunk Mosters are also heavy contenders.

IGN needs to realize that a lot of XBL games come from small devs that usually choose XBL since there it has potential to excel and possibly sell well while keeping costs low. Also creating for the 360 is similar to a PC which most smaller devs ar...

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PS3 but only because I like how it handles lighting better, 360 is just different. Same textures and AA by the looks of it.

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Good thing this is just opinion.

I fail to see how keyboard works for anything non-first person.

And even then controllers work fine.

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wow I'm surprised, is it heavy CG wise? the textures looked pretty average(some worse) so I still expected one disc.

EDIT: OK what did I say? The texture thing? Have you seen the game in HD? Yea the textures range ALOT like all SE games this gen so far.

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labwarrior is a fool, he is on several sites and acts just as juvenile.

Go away.

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@ N4G

Ignore labwarrior he is the cancer of the gaming community on many sites and is just taking it out on everyone since his holy gospel of games (Fable 2) wasn't a 100/100.

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The lighting is so ridiculous, these are just beta shots though I think.

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Will Killzone 2 sell well? Yes, expect 1 million quick enough but at the rate of a new IP, not a sequel.

Will it sell as fast as Halo/Gears? No, it doesn't have the causal backing those games have.

Will it sell like Halo/Gears over time? Possibly, this is completely up to Sony advertising and bundles.

Like I have said before, Sony doesn't seem concerned if a game sells fast. They may not even bundle Killzone 2 till late next year or early 2010. Look Unc...

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lol cause a shark hat is REALLY unique, not in a hundred years would I have seen that happen.

Seriously? This is silly.

EDIT: Destructoid, never mind situation explained *sarcasm* Might as well merge with Kotaku.

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ok still, the PS3 controller is the industry standard. It is a jack-of-all-trades and works across genres, unlike the 360s which is solely shooter geared and has the WORST d-pad ever.

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Lol n4g..... lol

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I will never, and I repeat NEVER buy a game based on some celebrity. No.

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I disagree, even first time players should notice how well it holds up. I guess a little "primitive" light might go off in the back of their minds but it definitely hold its own even today.

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