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That's the problem, no sense in values.

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Nice Music, I'll play it for that.

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There are similar games on steam that far more enjoyable and cheaper. It deserves it.

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Didn't know Steven Ogg was ripped.

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That's what newbs say when they get pwned. ;)

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Yea they never said that, people just assume cause it was delayed twice to possible NX release date.

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Oh this November is going to be expensive, Pro + PSVR + 4KTV.

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People complain about 500GB cause they're forced to install every game to keep up load times. NX is cartridge based which is faster than blu ray so it won't require installing games onto drive. 32GB is enough for updates and saves. For digital games it's not enough, but don't most console players prefer physical copy?

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Shooting all the lights out in perfect dark was interesting challenge too. Sad most modern games don't have that feature.

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Yea, screw Rime and let's Prey for the Gods.

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Yea totally opposite of that, maybe buy 2-3 day1 games per year, rest I get on sale or borrow. Plus I got big backlog so not much need for new games.

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I can't imagine anyone would want to play this game without the speed and accuracy of a mouse. The game is designed to be very fast pace with levels that pose threats from every direction. It's not like other games that funnel your view down corridors.

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Where's Zelda: Breath of the Wild? It destroyed all those games at E3'16. Named "Game of Show" by many, most trending a social media and huge 3 day line up for play booth.

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Cause it's nothing we haven't seem and done already on Steam early access. Just to name a couple: Space Engineers, Empyrion, StarMade, etc...
The only new thing No Man's Sky is doing, is releasing a finished game.

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Same boat, great memories with family/friends and my favorite game of all time Zelda:OoT.
PS1 was great too, but N64 delivered better quality games, they were smoother in controls/movement and frame rate.

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I just hope NX can play Zelda on 1080p 60fps.

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Yea you would think Sony would reveal it by now if it was releasing in 3 months.

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Wait, no blowing required?

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Sorta looks like Breath of the Wild.

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