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This is why Sony shut down PSN. To an extent, it did involve credit card numbers but they were fraudulent ones. The hack allowed them to put a retail ps3 into "Dev debug" mode. This allowed them to access PSN and use fake credit card numbers. Since it's in "dev" mode, PSN didn't bother to check the credit card information. The hacker went on a downloading frenzy until Sony finally closed the flood gates. Sony is now forcing all developers to update to firmware 3.60...

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laugh is how people just think Xbox Live is better than PSN. Sony has made impressive strides considering last generation, Psn was practically non existent. I say practically because you could play Socom on ps2 via the network. Xbox Live has structure, which is what PSN is lacking. When I say "structure", I mean that LIVE has a universal setup with every game released on their platform. Developer have requirements that must be met so LIVE will function correctly with it. PSN has no ...

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in the form of Cross Game Chat. This feature was promised to us but was constantly being omitted. We, as gamers, have been silent lately. I think since psn is getting a re-work, that they should implement Xgamechat.

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PsN is being rebuilt so there is no excuse why they can't add this feature.

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If the rumors are true and they're rebuilding psn, we want cross game chat!!!! These feature was once the most highly wanted feature, and now it's been completely ignored. IF you can sign into, let then know we want cross game chat!.

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ps3 is inferior yet xbox360 cannot play blu-rays. Xbox Live went down @ Christmas 2007 for two weeks, and you've always paid for that. PSN was attacked by hackers, and Sony cut all the connections to prevent our information from being obtained.

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Yeah, I'm going to hate Sony because they prevented hackers from receiving any of my account information by disconnecting all external connections to it's servers. Go troll somewhere else please. You're not contributing anything to the thread, so away with you.

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I just want to address the people out there who said Killzone3 would get demolished by Crysis2. If you look at the sales (according to VGCHartz), Crysis2 was still outsold by Killzone3. Again this is VGChartz so take it with a grain of salt. These aren't including the bundles either.

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I usually don't agree with Blaze, but he has been dead on with this topic. This incident kind of makes them look incompetent. Also they didn't have a definitive answer to the nature of the problem, so they couldn't say anything. PR ultimately had to say something on the matter to try and calm investors, consumer, while making sure their stock doesn't plummet.

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Sony did what they were suppose to do in a situation like that. They cut off all external network connections to prevent anything that is not on the internal servers from being leaked. It is the first thing you are suppose to do to prevent information (info) from being leaked. How can you blame Sony for the intrusion? Have you never heard of the saying: "For every "best" out there, there is always someone better."
Holes exist and you don't know about them until...

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Yea, I actually have to agree with you there Blaze. They had very poor public relations communication going on there. It's not really a big deal. I get some time to practice on MVC3, and collect some extra trophies.
Can you really complain about a free service going down though? I'm not mad about it and I have PS+. I've recouped the 50 bucks I have spent a long time ago.

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Looks like we can chalk up another good game for the Playstation3.

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No its not. The game is completely identical on disc. The 360 automatically adjusts the gamma on your "tv" . You are suppose to calibrate your tv right out of the box. This way the 360 does not have to do it for you. Besides it takes a whole 10 seconds to properly calibrate your set for free. Just another case of people getting lazier and lazier.

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I seriously doubt that Nintendo is launching a Wii 2. The Wii is just a little over four. I think people are jumping to conclusion, and are naive to think Nintendo is going to launch another console. They just launched the 3DS, so I doubt they're going to throw another system at consumer right after the release of the 3DS.

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360 has auto gamma correction built in. It just for people who don't already have their TV properly calibrated. I have calibrate my monitor and HDTV so my copy doesn't look as bad as the Lens of Truth version.

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It seems like your hatred towards him may stem from a more narrow-minded place. I doubt this has anything to do with his actual crime. Since he's been released from jail, he has been speaking out "against" dog fighting. He lost his mult-million dollar contract with the Falcons and was forced to file for bankruptcy. The comparison of him to Manson, is preposterous. Maybe you just have a general hate for people of color, and therefore we can compare you ...

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I voted for Micheal Vick. He should be an inspiration to every ex-con. He's repaying his debt to society one day at a time. He was fully aware of the consequences of his action, and he faced them like a man. Those of you harping on the crime he's committed, could just be harboring a more basic, primal hatred towards him. Just because I've forgive him for what he has done, doesn't mean I've forgotten either. He has filed for bankruptcy and lost everything he had. I don'...

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It's probably because Xbox360 has yet to receive their own "Kratos" in MK9

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How oblivious can you be. Christians, according for their beliefs, are suppose to be able to forgive. There is also a little quote from the bible that says:
"Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."

I don't know what else asking for him to do. He's made a public apology, trailed & convicted, thrown from his previous team, filed for bankruptcy, and is still going and speaking out "ag...

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The same people yelling outrage are the same one who tune in to FOX news every night for their nightly does of Obama bashing. They are people out here right now, torturing and killing animals as we speak. Let's also put some perspective on. He never physically killed any of the dogs. He was convicted for hosting dog fights.
It seems people forgot when "Passion of Christ" director, Mel Gibson, verbally assaulted his mixed girlfriend. He also wished that she would be &qu...

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