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Go watch the video again. Driveclub rain effects are physics-based. I think it was the interior view scene. Driveclub also has higher resolution car models. That aside, what Turn 10 managed to achieve on Xbox One is pretty amazing.

Let us not forget that Forza 6 is still using pre-baked lighting and Driveclub's lighting is fully dynamic.

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People are overlooking the fact that Sony has a minimum of 70% market share in all EU markets except for EU, which it still leads in. I know Garethvk submitted the story so he feels a need to somehow defend it.

On the 11 million by the end of their fiscal year is completely doable. I believe Sony sold 6.8 million last year during the holidays. That leaves 2 quarters to sell 4.2 million. If they ship 2.1M this quarter, they are going to be in really good shape.

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In all EU markets except for the UK, Sony has a minimum 70% market share. I don't think they are worried about perception being changed over this. Besides these were game we knew were already coming.

Scalebound could be a sleeper hit though.

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LMAO okay if you think so.

Think link you provided is nothing more than a glorified proxy server forcing all incoming request to travel through their node before reaching your server. This will increase the time it will take for you to actually connect to the server.

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No matter the amount of money can protect any server from being attacked by DDOS. The time it would take to screen every incoming packet/frame's header for a legitimate IP address would severely boggled down the system. If you think downloading takes long now, you really have no idea.

I'm current in school for networking and communications.

Disruption Of Service (DoS)

You've experienced this on the night Destiny launched or any h...

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"Virtual Reality is not far away from hitting the consumer market, with Project Morpheus, Vive and Oculus Rift heading to PC, PS4 and XBO."

Why are people thinking Oculus and Vive are now magically part of Xbox One's VR solution? They have partnered with Microsoft on PC ONLY. Halolens is MR or mixed reality. Someone explain the quote above to us.

Kitchen, Allison's Road, and (the late)P.T. and VR as a whole aren't just limited to traditi...

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Why is this under Xbox One? I can understand Morpheus but Hololens? Oculous Rift and Vive are partnered with Xbox One for PC only. (streaming xbox one games to PC)

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damn good video!!!!
Very informative

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People rushing to disagree. IGN gave Cuphead best Xbox One game. This game looks amazing btw. Not Tomb Raider, not Forza 6, not Halo 5, and not Gears 4.

I'm just saying, there are more ps4 exclusives on that list than xbox one. Unfortunately Backwards compatibility is not an actual game.

The whole concept behind awards ...

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Umm e3 awards?

Horizon: Zero Dawn

"Gamespot Best of E3 2015"

New IP also

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Halo is definitely not the first game that comes to mind when you think remastered. It was, and to a certain extent, still is plagued with matchmaking issues. C'mon you have to have a better example than that.

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Funny thing is. I still have my ps3 so.... yeah. Can't believe people are crying about this. There are only currently only 18 games supported by Microsoft's implementation.

I still think something is wrong when then is the highlight of your presentation, old games and recycled IPs for 2015.

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This x 20

This scares me so much about Ghost Recon and For Honor.

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Only 18 games are currently supported. They want to see a return on their gakia acquisition. Also you're kinda doing the same thing with Xbox BC because you are downloading digital version from Microsoft's server. With PS now you are simply streaming it from the server.

Your presentation couldn't have been that good if BC is the biggest thing people are talking about. BC is something to ease a transition into a new generation. Don't really play my old ps3 gam...

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I can't agree with your "Laura counterpart" comment. Laura was not the first female character to wield a bow and that is where the similarities end.

But I can agree with everything else you stated. Also GG games only improve visually after their reveals. They are one of the few studios to ensure their game won't get downgraded.

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I owned an Xbox 360 and after seeing Halo, Forza, and Gears for so long, it tends to lose it's appeal. Gears 4 was too dark for me to see at the conference so I hope there will be a re-up with the brightness corrected.

I'm actually more exicted about Rare's pirate game and Recore.

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Your comments are baffling when it was only last year that we say COD:AW on Microsoft's stage and was told that they would receive DLC first for that game. Now since it's on Playstation, this is a bad thing?

I honestly don't care for COD so this doesn't affect me in any way. But since some 360 players switched to ps4, there is obviously a market for it.

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I guess it was only okay when it was DLC for Xbox first

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Why would you try to rush something out the door to compete with Star Wars:BF and Fallout 4 and COD?

Microsoft is having Tomb Raider, Halo (big seller no joke), and Forza 6 cramming for the the attention just like the 3rd party guys. Halo will probably make it out unscathed, but I'm not so sure about the other two.

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I think BC is a good tool to ease the transitioning into a new generation while waiting for games to be developed for the newer systems. But we're already nearly two years into the current gen, there should be more new games to choose from. Let's not even get into the whole remaster thing with publishers.

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