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Fastest selling isn't the same as best selling, I highly doubt it will go on to be a best seller for them.

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He's just another libtard that's a part of the problem.

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My name is a killing word!

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It does look good, realistic racers bore me to tears, hopefully they can pull it off.

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Six games to avoid then.

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That's not saying much though, I used to like them till they started giving brilliant games low scores and poor games amazing scores (once upon a time they only game revolutionary games a 10/10, now it's every Tom, Dick and Harry), they are also incredibly pretentious.

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Thanks, but I'll stick to Warframe. That has a grind too, but it's free and I actually like the gameplay, world and the developer.

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Bungie lost half of their soul when they sold to Microsoft, signing up with Activision killed what remained of it, at this point, the husk that is Bungie is dead, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

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Not that I think it's a myth, but it could work if they do it with some degree of respect (unlikely). Stargate did it with the Ori, I think there's a ton to draw from there with Excalibur, Paladins, the miraculous and the whole warrior angel and demon thing, the end baddie being Satan would be something even Muslims could get behind. The theme of the game could be sacrifice, or the miraculous/faith and Jesus and the messenger angels could appear to Kratos now and again to steer him do...

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We may get upset when people constantly mock us and much worse, but we don't retaliate with terrorism, I'm just sayin'...

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Raising money for charity by engaging with the occult, stupid...

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My point is the lowest the res and fps should be is 1080p and 60fps respectively, go lower than the latter in anything other than a turn based game or the like and you're doing it wrong. The consoles last gen cpu's don't help. The real exciting areas of innovation are with ai, physics, ray tracing and sheer scale, something that's massively hindered by the potato cpu's that they're powered by, even the XBOne X's is a joke that I wouldn't put in my toaster.

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FPS is much more important, if it's not 1080p60 or above, then don't bother me with that last gen crap.

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They should've just kept releasing expansions for it like Blizzard do for their games. That way when they finally released it for the PC it would've had all of the back content to enjoy, as it is they just through all of that hard work away...

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I found this a frustrating and disappointing game, 6/10.

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So you want them to abandon yet another console before it's time? They did the same with their first and second consoles. I was a big Xbox fanboy for those two generations, but twice bitten, thrice angry #. I will never support Microsoft again if I can help it. I feel great about avoiding this gen of consoles altogether honestly, I'm PC all the way now, oh and thanks for the free Win 10 Microsoft ;)

#rrod and M$ nor replacing it thanks to terrible customer service ...

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Many of us went to PC ;)

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Barely an upgrade if you're on PC, in fact I'd say the lighting is worse.

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I've heard that argument many times before, but who's name is used on sites like Metacritic, the individual that reviewed it or the websites name? At the end of the day it represents Polygon's (in all it's sjw and libtard glory) opinion. They put both games in the same bracket, it shows how broken the system is more than anything else.

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The game is almost devoid of personality, no idea what EG smoking. Try talking to an npc, the little they do say is clearly voiced by a random Rare staff member who has no idea what a pirate is supposed to sound like, it's embarrassingly bland and amateur.

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