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Is World of Warcraft futuristic because of it's magic staffs?

Is I don't know ANY MMO set in the dark ages futuristic for the same reason?

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The health pick up noise brings back memories of fall of man... remember the tank scene... or how scary it was in the cannery?

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Erm... so when Microsoft, Samsung, EVERYONE does this... what then?


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I didn't know you could play it from a browser.

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Or you can buy the Valve pack for £25...

Thanks steam.

Also, this is not a flame war, mentioning another sale/discount while this one goes on is not flame war, it's just stating that this isn't that good of a deal.

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Beyond the fact that the makers have confirmed a smaller chip?

I have no proof what so ever.

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Steam went offline too recently.

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Or... the chip is smaller, meaning less heat meaning a smaller fan maintaining the same RPM... you know... logic.

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You do realize it'd cost the same if you played MW3 as it would COD4, MW2, [email protected], BO and MW3? It's a service that covers as many COD games.

Will I use it? No.
Will I continue to play COD4? Yes.

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I hope so, Mirrors Edge had so much potential... all EA new IP's do it's the sequels which become truly great.

Dead Space-> Dead Space 2

There's many others to.

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Will this reduce LAG? If so I'm all for it.

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A multiplayer would be cool, not in portal, but rather the portal gun in Half-life in which you can telport all over the map to either dodge bullets, cover ground and sneak up behind snipers.

As a spy I'd love that.

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DS won because of the casual

Casual already have a handheld their phone. We true gamers, the ones who when I say XIII they ask Final fantasy or coming? They want more than just some motion game+touchscreen they want Uncharted and COD and all the franchise they've enjoyed.

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I'd choose gaming for one simple reason, if a girl can't accept what my HOBBIES are then she can leave.

Also I need more Hats.

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I'm getting tired of not buying them :( /s

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I think you could beat MW2 is less than 4 hours. I did in 4 hours at a party ( everyone fell asleep, didn't want to sleep because I had a meet up that day ) so they fell asleep at 4, they woke up at 8 with me throwing a knife at someone then leaving shortly after to meet up with other people.

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Yeah Windows OS IS made by Microsoft.

However L4D is OFFICIALLY on Mac.

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We need female actor to get us to the cinema.

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Seeing as it's relitively easy to make a game 3D, all it requires is a improved framerate, which applies to 360 games also ( framerate stuff in the XDA ) So... it has a positive benefit to me, I'll get 60FPS instead of 30FPS.

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