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No Tie.....good decision Jack

He's like the kind of guy you would want to have as your Neighbour

"Morning Jack" he walks out to collect his newspaper and mail with his bright pink fluffy slippers, sleek night cap and his nice looking Kimono.

"Nice Job on the PSV

"Ahhh it was a piece of pie....I do what I do, what I do what I do"

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Cartoons today are crap, I thought it was me getting older but no....political correctness got bigger and cartoons were dumb down. At first you had shows like Johnny Quest, Freakazoid, Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones, Scooby Doo. Captain Planet (weirdly enough...all about the enviroment) and 2 stupid dogs for example

Then came Ed, Edd and Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Powerpuff girls, Cow and Chicken, Grim and Evil, Codename: Kids Next Door, Time Squad, Dexters Lab to name a...

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It's Slant Six....they havent thought it through because they think it will selll really well because it has RE in the title.

It looks crap and I hope it does bad in sales, sorry to be blunt but it's need to happen so Capcom will wake the f*ck up.

God if people actually buy into this crap then Capcom will milk this franchise and they will mess up RE even more. I hope people have some common sense and won't buy this

If you going to...

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I don't think they would be that full of spoilers, ND wouldn't make them if they were they told reviewers off to not spoil the story so I doubt they would do the same... unless your the type of person who hasn't saw a drop of info since it was announced last year then fair enough.

People said the same about the Launch trailer, that it was full of spoilers but to be really wasn't.

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"Calm Down sir. Its just the internet don't take it so seriously. "

Fuck you troll

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Funny because for a GTA game GTA4 seemed like a step back at what made them so great

Smaller map then GTA:SA

Just Cause 2 map should put Rockstar to shame. This is how you do it Rockstar

Imagine this map being in the next GTA. Let's say it takes place back in Vice City....Vic...

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Whats the point of your parents being big shot actors if you can't do what you want and be would feel like a devoted chistian being slapped in the face by god.

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Eurogamer have been known from time to time to give some PS3 games bad score. It depends on the reviewer so WL isn't really full on wrong.

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"it would have been nice to see what Naughty Dog could do with co-op."

Co-op in great amazing single player campaigns ruins them...that's a fact

You know people like yourself would moan on for co-op in the single player, the game would come out not as good as the last games and people like you would complain about it even though it's your failt for wanting co-op in the first place.

@Whitelightning: "Even with two player...

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"Success breeds envy"


Here we go with "It's hated because it's popular" BS, it's hated because it's crap and the developers have no passion for the franchise only peoples money...they do miminal work on the game each year, look at Asassins Creed Brotherhood, Revelations...they were made in a year and they both look fantastic.

Battlefield 3 graphics show us that DICE hav...

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The only thing I can actually nit pick about this game is that it probably won't have Eddie Raja return at the end of the the big twist.

All these side villains will never hold up to Eddie Raja...I like to believe he's still alive plotting his revenge.

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I really can't take there word for it

Think about it...they said they didn't have a problem with David O Russel yet we knew he was doing a crap job and I bet ND knew that aswell but they still put on an act and pretended they liked where "it was going".....yet he left because of creative differences.

When I see the movie and it's good then I'll believe you ND but at least give him a hint to cast Nolan, Emily and Richard.....remem...

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Look at that....SCEE have actually done something and have gotten us a actual decent PS1 classic. Now can we please have Spyro

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I hope people actually have a brain and won't buy this

If you buy it to give it a chance then your basicaly giving them a happy sale which will go towards a sequel thus Capcom messing up RE even more......

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"Ratchet would beat Jak sorry, Ratchet has all the weapons, gadgets, moves, and his buddy Clank. " do I get my point across here.

I know...

Jak would beat Ratchet sorry, Jak has all the weapons, dark/light Jak, moves, and his buddy Daxter.

See what I did there

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Urgh...I hate it when trolls do that, your try and have a disscussion and they block you on your 3rd message, it just shows you he's probably lost for words and knows he can't win so he blocked you, just take it as a win WL. How immature GraveLord. The only ones I ever block are the already annoying ones

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It's not about if B3 will outsell MW3, it will still take a lot of it's audience away and when you loose some of your audience, your loose some of the money that would of been gained from MW3

Yeah so let's be real will still take profits away from them, plus take in account all the other games coming out around the same's not looking good for them

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Well the difference is

U2 multiplayer was simple, unqiue and differen't

U3 is basicaly ND following what every other big online game has done. The "COD" effect and it's basicaly a TPS with COD elements (Kickbacks/Killstreaks, Upgradable Perks/Boosters, Weapon customization etc) and look whats happend, all you need to do now is blindfire and punch....they still havent fixed it yet, the Summer Beta was much better I just don't understa...

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Is this all you do...go around and call people on there comments because your opinion is differen't to theres....get a grip

People have differen't opinions you don't need to be the N4G police force "correcting people" on their comments. Let them think what they want

I mean "That statement is totally in error."...really, well I think most of your comments on in error.

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