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I don’t think anything, it’s pattern between both sides when something goes or doesn’t go their way, so you can miss me with the BS and stop trying to pretend like I’m stating something that is not true.

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I went you, these comparisons are cancerous to the gaming community, because we literally cannot have any type of conversation about any of these games without one side saying their piece of plastic is so much better than the other.

The reason I mentioned the Xbox fanboys is because they’ve been damage controlling the Series X way more than the actual company that made the damn thing.

And you’re right the PS fanboys are ...

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I guess the better question to ask is, how big is this patch is going to be?

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I see your point and I agree. It’s the risk we all might potentially face when buy any type of hardware at launch.

The problem with this article is the inbreeds at Kotaku is spreading this news like it’s the majority of the people that have a PS5 are having these issues and I’m just telling you guys my experience that I’m having with my console. You guys must be a special kind of stupid to think that intentionally wanted my system to crash. <...

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So true, I had a couple crashes, but nothing to serious.

But leave it to kotaku to stir something remotely negative about any Sony system.

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So this means the PS5 version runs at a solid 60fps now?

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I haven’t any issues with the rest mode. But I did have a couple of crashes. There’s definitely some bugs that needs to be ironed out.

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This guy just won’t give it rest. I believe he was the one that started that bullsh&t rumor that the PS5 wasn’t going to shipped with a HDMI 2.1 cord, but that turned out to be false.

Now he’s making this claim.

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This game looks awesome, it looks like Deus Ex on steroids.

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Very nice.

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I'm not sure if having 'more TF numbers" is valid anymore, It has yet to be seen. Now they're talking about the Series X is not utilizing something call GDK, that's why DMC 5 and AC: V are little behind the PS5.....they love moving that goal post.

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Twin Snakes was/is a masterpiece in its own right . I think a lot of people hate the game because it never came over to any of the Sony systems. Which is understandable, because the game didn’t sell that well being exclusive on the Gamecube.

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Hope not, then you will never be able to play it ;)

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If Sony was to announce a MGS remake made by Bluepoint that will be beyond epic.

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Good point, it did take them a while, they're probably treading lightly. They don't want to mess up whatever relationship they have with MS.

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Sorry for my trash ass grammar in my last comment.

But yes, I’m talking about Medievil.

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I know this is not what the Xbox fanboys want to see and hear.

But to any sane person, this is phenomenal news!

This means whatever system you buy, know that you’re getting the same multiplat game, regardless of the system.

Maybe (just maybe) this will finally in the ending the pointless bickering between the two camps.

Side note, whoever has medieval on the PS4, it runs at a solid 60fps on the PS5 now!!!!!!

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Looking good.

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You still have them though right? It seems Nioh 2 is free, but Nioh is not?

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