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Mwwwwwwnooooooooooooooooooooo! !!

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Oooooo... So angry! What a miserable sad nerd that guy is.

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I played the Singleplayer campaign for two hours at a Killzone 2 event in London tonight. ITS AMAZING!!! Its so immerse that you really won't understand it until you try it! At the end of the event(right before we got to see a original 1979 copy of the Alien flick on the silver screen) they showed us an utterly incredible trailer of the game. They said we were the first ones ever to see it, and that it was all "Hush Hush". It looked like a friggin PIXAR movie, only better!! I don't...

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quit spamming n4g with your SH!T reviews!

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but good motion detectors and a small camera(for various gameplay stuff) I would like.

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"If, in order to go into a game from Home, you need to organise amongst yourselves "OK I'll host a game called ***, the password will be ***", and then you have to quite out of Home, load the game up, wait for the guy to set up the server, then join in the vein hope that everyone will have found it and joined, that's far from satisfactory"

Yeah, sure.. thats the way it's gonna work.. Sony has only braindead developers who can't see that this would destroy the ...

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damage control

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whats with all the loosers bying the game 10 minutes too late?

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I just finished it on my psp( m33 with pops 3.71) and it was great. the perfect way to play it. and on a small screen, the graphics looks ok.

don't think remake is a good idea, since it should be played knowing it's an old game. but if it makes more people play the game I guess it's ok.

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Even though I LOVE gta4, the man has got a point. I have to agree with him. Maybe gta4-2(like vice on ps2) has a more unorganized and fun oriented theme.

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who cares... get over your self

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stock price is already 25,97 dollars. wasn't the offer at 26? what is EA thinking?

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looks more like a wrestling game or something in this trailer. Was hoping for more of an old school "punsh out" fighting game.

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Clockwork Knight was sweet!!

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learn something more useful

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you really didn't see the sarcasm? Guess I'll have to explain fom now on

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as long as major shareholders and random people are willing to sell at EAs "artificially" high bid, there is little the bord room can do about it, unleass they own 51 percent of the shares themselves, and agree not to sell.

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They predicted the laptop, all modern cellphones, the palm and the god damn internet. That really takes some skill. Great article

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