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Actually I feel sorry for him. He should have accepted royalties rather than a one time payment. Seems like he did get much at all.
$9500 USD of today's money. Which is nothing considering CD is making a mint off the game. He made a big mistake but it's not CD's fault at all and legally they don't owe him a dime...

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I only play on PS. Ive a PS2, 3 and 4 pro. This PS1 this is stupid. I've a GPDxd that I use to play ps1 games for free. Not buying shit that is easily available online. Yes PS1 had some great games but it's really old crap and should be free or extremely cheap. I'm talking like $1 cheap for a game download.

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Slow news day i guess

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I wish they would bring back the PES store from the PS2 days and allow us to buy classic players for ML. Something for the players that dont play online

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Great football game too

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I skipped last year but decided to dive in this year. I have been buying PES digital for years though as it's not a game with any kind of resale value. Not many people play it where I live and after a year sports games are practically worthless. Something really needs to be done about the licenses. That is the biggest issue for most casuals. The game play is spot on. PES just feels nautral.

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yeah I suck now as Ive no time to play but I was pretty good in the ps2 days and the offside pass was there even then

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They still automatically pass to the offside player too. Skipped football games last year. Any suggestions as to which I should pick up this year?

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SOC was awesome! Wouldnt consider their relationship though as she was dead for all of the game

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Geralt and Triss were cool. I choose that option as well because Yennifer was such a bitch. Witcher 3 was so good that I went and read the books after and saw that Geralt is supposed to choose Yennifer as shes the one he really loves. I nominate Mario and Princess Peach. Dude always saves her

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Spend less time gaming and more time grinding then paying $2 for a car won't hurt as much.

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Or people with busy lives that don't have the time. I'm so busy that I prefer to play offline these days simply because I can stop the race at any point and not lose progress. If there's a car I really like I might buy it just to take it for a spin. I've a 7 month old baby. Gaming just isn't that important. It's OK to be a lazy gamer.

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people be bitching for nothing.

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It's really not a big deal. You don't have to spend anything to unlock all the cars. They all can be bought and unlocked by simply playing the game and completing tasks. It's good that we have choice.

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Seems like you can grind for them. People just like to complain. I do not see a problem here at all. If you choose you can get everything without paying a cent. If you don't want to grind you can buy. It's good for people like me who don't have much time to game. If i see a car I really like I might just go buy it instead of grinding for it.

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Did y'all even read the article? Purchase is an option. All the cars can be unlocked and bought in game with the gt credits. I don't see a problem here

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I feel opposite. After starting online on ps3 with the awesome COD4, playing most of the COD games in the years gone by and loving the battlefield series I really don't have much desire to play online games anymore. I have missed so many great games because of m,y focus on online gaming. Loving single player games again. Currently playing DMC 4 after just completing DMC. Single player is the essence of gaming

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You misunderstand. I've no problem with the price I have paid. Santa Monica deserve the full price for this great game. It just doesn't feel like a gift or anything special that Sony is doing because most people that were interested in GOW already would have purchased the game a long time ago

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Kinda lame as a lot will already have the game. Got mine the week of release.

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Simple answer is no. I will be getting a Playstation console next gen and it's likely to be my main system

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